How To Keep Any Hair Type Under Control On The Beach

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by: Madeleine Spencer
27 Jun 2017

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Beach hair is almost never tousled and artfully dishevelled, but rather knotty and sand-saturated. Don’t worry – we’ve rounded up the A-list hairstyles that’ll work a treat on the beach…

According to pretty much every hair brand, ever, we must all want beachy hair. Just take a look through any of your favourite ranges – you’ll find salt sprays, potions claiming to give you beachy waves, pomades that add a bit of salty grit… The list goes on and on.

That’s all well and good – especially if you’re blessed with hair that by some miracle does resemble Gisele’s after a day at the beach – but most of us engage in battle with our hair on holiday because the conditions assail our attempts at looking a little Bardot beachside. Basically: sand beds in, salt makes hair crunchy and knotty, humidity makes it big and frizzy, and as a result we end up nowhere near the whole beach babe thing that those brands are imagining.

That’s not to say we want to rain on your parade; if you are after beachy waves and your hair does indeed get all nice and wavy after a day in the surf, tousled waves can absolutely be yours – just remember to apply a little SPF spray (try Phyto PhytoPlage Protective Sun Veil, £13.50, Feel Unique), and make like Olivia Palermo and add conditioner to the ends before you get in the water to reduce damage. Then let the beach do its thang.

If, however, your hair gets big and messy and untamable (basically: you’re one of the more standard issue humans like us and not a goddess of the waves), thumb through these images to take inspo from the A-list. You’ll find half up ‘dos that will allow for a little ruffling towards the bottom if you’re after a little beachiness but just can’t go the whole hog, plaits for more unruly locks, and a number of ways to style and soften up the ends once you’ve left the beach…


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