How to look good on a Hangover

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Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe

Bright Eyes
‘s all in the eye … yes, each misjudged prosecco and 02:00 stagger home. But help is at hand. Master Make-up Tom Pecheux recommends slathering on an eye gel and leave it there until the morning like a mini face at night for your eyes, while Fiona and Marie Fiona & Marie Aesthetics of London Harley Street recommend sleeping with a pillow promote lymphatic drainage and minimize puffy eyes in the morning. Try Ole Henriksen last Lift Eye Gel, top left, £ 36 (

Have a nightcap
‘Make your last cocktail of the night one for your skin – a night cream full of antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory omega oils’, says super facialist Sarah Chapman. ‘Sleep disorders increase stress hormones that can lead to inflammation and breakouts,’ adds pharmacist and co-founder of, Shabir Daya. Since festiveseason is not exactly conducive to getting shut-eye, Daya advised to eat half a banana or a handful of cherries before bed as both increase serotonin promotes sleep. Try Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream, £ 33.50 (

step by canapés …
‘party food is often gluten-based, which can cause swelling or trigger IBS symptoms’, warns Daya. Wise words, but what if we’re starving? ‘Take a digestive enzyme to help your body break down food.’ And to ease a hangover? Margo Brown of The Organic Pharmacy prescribes a tincture of milk thistle. Try The Organic Pharmacy Nux Vomica / Chelidonium 6c tablets, £ 12.95 (the

hair hair-of-the-dog
If there’s one thing that you do to your hair before going to bed, make it a clump. ‘Tie is as far forward as possible on the crown’, says Mark Trinder, Art Director of the team at Charles Worthington. ‘E’ less likely to fall, and you wake up with a sexy, tousled hair with tons of volume. ‘And to tame flyaways, Trinder suggests smoothing foil tumble dry hair. ‘It really works, and makes your hair smell nice.’
Try Tresemme Youth Boost, £ 2.99 (

Glow for it
According to research from Vichy, women seem older
by the end of the day, due to dehydration, severity and sebum oxidation. The solution? Use a hyaluronic acid serum to encourage the skin to retain water, beforelayering brightness moisturizer. Try Vichy Liftactiv Supreme £ 30 (, and Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning face, £ 45 (

Think Pink
Pink is not just the signature color of Malibu Barbie – is your ammunition against lackluster skin. ‘Pink is the easiest way to lift your complexion,’ says head of Lancôme Elite Team Shehla Shaikh. ‘Apply a pink blush to the apples of the cheeks, as well as a wash over the eyelids and finish with a gloss pink moisture rich.’ Tom Pecheux agrees: ‘When the models seem tired, I dab pink-peach blush under the eyes to kill blue tone. ‘Try Lancôme Blush Subtil in Rose Paradis, £ 27.50 (

There are brilliant ways to arm themselves against the attack of alcohol and late into the night, but they take planning. For hair, Mark Trinder suggests applying dry shampoo with a blush brush around the hairline on the day before, rather than waiting for your hair to get fat when you’re in danger of using too. And to avoid a hangover? ‘Beforea night out, take a mega dose of Ester-C [a non-acidic vitamin C] as the liver needs an abundance of detoxification,’ says Margo Marrone.Try Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo, £ 5.99 (

Good bases
‘While you may feel like you need more coverage, after a night out, your skin will be dryer, so they can qualify for a tinted moisturizer’, says Jane Richardson, lead Stylist International Make-up for Nars. And if you are prone to a shiny T-zone to maintain a powder-like radiance boost Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, £ 33 (, on hand. If all else fails, use the weapon of mass distraction, bold lip! . Try Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream, £ 30 (

dance, drink, crowded rooms – It’s getting hot in here. ‘Alcohol dilates blood vessels, making the skin look red and blotchy, so I always have a spritz spring water on hand to help cool’, says Jane Richardson (keep in the fridge for extra effect). Sarah Chapman should also keep two spoons in the refrigerator at all times during the festive season to wake up swollen eyes. Try Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Spray, £ 16 (

Zen Skin
‘Nothing makes you look and feel better in the morning yoga,’ says Sarah Chapman. ‘If you can stomach, try a head-stand for a boost radiance to the skin or if you are feeling particularly fragile breaths, lion yogic (exhale through the mouth with the tongue farther down) is a great way to wake up. All together now, omm …


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