How to Prevent Self-Tanner from Getting on Everything

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14 Jul 2017
BY: Erin Lukas

Self tanner is a safer, UV-free alternative for maintaining a healthy, sun-kissed glow year-round. But unless you’re a DIY-tan MVP, chances are your clothes, sheets, and bathroom floor will end up looking more bronzed than you. “When you are moving around, and particularly sleeping, your body temperature rises and you sweat,” says Sophie Evans, St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert. “Sweat can lift the bronzer off of the skin and onto clothing and bedding.” Two more culprits: tight clothing and friction, which can both do a number on fabrics. Instead of doing extra loads of laundry, get your self tanner to stick with you—and stay streak-free—using the following application tips we picked up from Evans.

Apply with a Light Hand
Since you’re on the journey to more bronzed complexion, it might seem like the more product you use, the better the tan. But in fact, too much bronzer will do nothing more than leave you with an orange-stained wardrobe. “Do not over apply, as excess product that the skin cannot absorb can transfer,” emphasizes Evans. To prevent over-application, she recommends using an applicator mitt, which will help you blend to perfection.

Stock Up on Baby Powder
Even if you’ve expertly applied your self tanner and allowed it to dry fully before getting dressed, you can’t completely prevent the sweating that can make it streak. If you feel like you’re beginning to sweat, dust a light amount of baby powder under the arms, in between the cleavage or any other areas where you may sweat,” advises Evans – and if your colour has dried all streaky, then our guide to removing a fake-tan disaster is a must-read.

Consider the Formula
Sometimes stains happen, even if you’ve done everything in your power to avoid them. Evans recommends using a self tanner formulated with vegetable dye, because the colour will more easily wash out of your clothes or sheets with a bit of soap and water. For other formulas, she suggests pre-treating fabric with a stain remover before throwing in the washer.

We’ve compiled five of our favourite easy-to-use self tanners that will keep you—and not your clothes—glowing throughout the warm-weather days.

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