How To Wear Glittery Nails By Celeb Manicurist Glenis Baptiste

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by: Madeleine Spencer
8 Dec 2017

Glitter nail polish is of course great. It requires less precision than its colour block cousin, if it looks a bit old after a few days you can just whack on another coat, and it’s undeniably the most festive and fun of nail adornments out there.

But – and it’s a big but – it’s a big fat pain to remove, and if you get the wrong one it can look a bit ridiculous. We asked our expert columnist, who is the manicurist to a bevy of A-listers including Kate Moss, Madonna, Lily James and Sienna Miller to name but a few, how to get glitter right – and where to look for nail inspiration in the lead up to Christmas.

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Q: I have no idea of what I can do to jazz up my nails for Christmas. Can you tell me where to look for inspiration?

Glenis Baptiste: “Instagram is a good place to start. Try looking at @nailartvidsz, @nail.artists, or at @her.nailz to spark your imagination.”

Q: I want to buy one polish that’ll see me through Christmas events that makes my life a whole lot easier. What should I invest in?

Glenis Baptiste: “YSL Studio Silver worn on nude nails is absolutely perfect for Christmas and looks so chic so I’d recommend getting that.”

Q: Glitter NEVER comes off my nails – unless I pick at it, which I know is probably ruinous for nail health. What’s the pro solution?

Glenis Baptiste: “This is a technique thing. You need to really saturate your cotton wool pad with nail polish remover (make sure it contains acetone), cover the nail and, ideally, wrap it in aluminium foil and then press down with your finger and thumb for a few seconds to dissolve the glitter polish. Then you should be able to just swipe it off!”


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