Hypnosis – The secret to Celeb, Well nothing really. Look into my eyes ….

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Hypno dog looking at the camera

Let’s get one thing. We are not talking of a Variety Show ‘running around like a chicken on stage’ kind of deal, and does not involve a pocket watch on a chain is. The definition of hypnosis by the American Psychological Association is “a state of human consciousness that involves the focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness characterized by a greater capacity to respond to the suggestion.” Known as one of the best in the biz clinical hypnotists with a pretty impressive customer list ‘Terrence Master’ (yes, we like the name too!) Describes it as an altered state of consciousness, “we ‘s very similar to the state go in every night before falling asleep, but we are not asleep. Or the state we find ourselves when we wake up in the morning, but we are not yet fully awake “It’s not just the stars who have reaped its benefits -. Several scientific studies have documented the positive effects -. In particular those relating to pain control

How does it work?

“There is a ‘wall’ between the conscious and the subconscious called the critical factor. Hypnosis allows you to bypass the critical factor so that the therapist can get the piece of mind that really holds the power to allow the change, “says Terrence. There are many theories about the mechanics of hypnosis, but it is usually initiated by something known as “hypnotic induction”, which involves a series of instructions or suggestions from the therapist to focus the subject’s mind and allow them to tap into the subconscious .

What can be used for?

“The uses of hypnotherapy are known for relaxation, confidence, weight loss, habit removal or smoking cessation, etc., but use a little ‘more unusual are proven to work with great success as the operations carried out without anesthetic, “says Terrence. Here’s what the stars they used to:

To beat smoking:

  • Matt Damon
  • Ben Affleck
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Prince Harry

Hypno Birthing:

  • Kate Middleton (Kate also turned to hypnosis for morning sickness )
  • Jessica Alba
  • Angelina Jolie

Weight loss:

  • Lily Allen (Lily He was quoted as saying ‘After the hypnotism I wanted to go to the gym every day’)
  • Orlando Bloom (in children)
  • Sophie Dahl
  • Geri Halliwell


  • Tiger Woods (Tiger reportedly used hypnosis to avoid distractions and improve his game)
  • Reese Witherspoon ( Reese used to help overcome. his insecurities. She says: “People may think that I have this dream life, but for years I worried about my appearance. [Hypnosis] was so helpful, especially when I have panic attacks, especially right before starting a movie.”)

Can anyone be hypnotized?

“I should say ‘yes’ to that,” says Terrence. “How hypnosis has been explained above (ie just before falling asleep or wake up) there should be very few reasons why someone could not be hypnotized.”

Tips on how to find a reputable professional

“The best way is always referrals from people you trust who have had success with a doctor, but other ways are finding a therapist linked to the reputation of medical institutions and doctors, “says Terrence which is available on the website terrencetheteacher .com


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