Insta-Model Chloe Lloyd on Not Dieting Internet Trolls and Her Beauty Must-Haves

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by: Madeleine Spencer
16 Jun 2017

She’s a total Instagram star with hidden talents and a zero tolerance approach to haters, and also happens to be the face of Nip+Fab’s newest cosmetic collection. Oh, and did we mention that she’s a bit of a beauty maven? Chloe Lloyd talks us through her huge modelling career and her top beauty picks.

Nip+Fab is so huge now – how did you end up working with them?

Rodial have always kindly sent me make-up, and I love everything from their face masks to their make-up. I always had a relationship with them, and then they reached out and asked me to be the face of Nip+Fab’s makeup collection.

👑face of the new @nipandfab beauty campaign shot by @markcantdotcom hair & makeup @gemflossy 🏹

A post shared by Chloé Lloyd (@chloelloyd) on

👑face of the new @nipandfab beauty campaign shot by @markcantdotcom hair & makeup @gemflossy 🏹

A post shared by Chloé Lloyd (@chloelloyd) on Mar 26, 2017 at 10:38am PDT

So how did your modeling career kick off?

I started about six years ago in my hometown, Cheshire – I was scouted because I was super lanky, and after that I kept pestering my mum to let me take part in modeling competitions. In the end, she actually entered me into one online and didn’t tell me, and although I was super annoyed, I ended up winning! I did a campaign and joined some smaller agencies before joining Storm. I knew that Kate Moss was with them, so I literally rang them up to say hi, and it worked.

Your selfie game is amazing – have you always been comfortable in front of the camera?

I did performing arts at college, so I am definitely not shy when it comes to showing myself off. I even went on to study acting at university, because I had my heart set on being a Hollywood star.

Who were your celebrity icons growing up?

I absolutely loved the Olsen twins, I actually wanted to be them. I also had a Hillary Duff haircut, from her Disney Channel days. And, of course, Kate Moss. Now, I don’t really look up to anyone; I just want to be myself!

Looking at you, it seems like you’ve always been stunning; did you ever have an ugly duckling phase?

Oh god, yes. I used to bleach my hair and dye it a different colour every week. I also overplucked my eyebrows, because everyone else was doing it back then and we clearly thought we looked amazing. I’m so glad that nowadays, teenage girls have gorgeous, natural hair and they leave their eyebrows alone.

Wow, so you’ve got quite a history of playing around with beauty! Which five makeup items could you not live without now?

Easy: foundation, concealer, highlighter, mascara and lipstick. I only really use foundation to match my face colour to the rest of my body, as I use St Tropez Gradual Tan. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk does the job, and the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. I love a bit of highlighter, Iconic London do a fantastic liquid one which works great with or without foundation, and Nip+Fab’s highlighting palette which I also use for eyeshadow. Then Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara, or a Charlotte Tilbury one, and also one of Nip+Fab’s liquid lipsticks.

highlight brighter than my future vibes✨ my new fave highlighter atm is the Original Illuminator for a glowy dewy look! I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it! ✨ #sp

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I love taking care of my skin, and I always have to start with a good cleanse, tone, and moisturize, morning and night. I like the Bioderma and Garnier micellar waters, Pixi’s Glow Tonic, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, which works wonders on my dry skin – I even keep it on my bedside table to use when I wake up in the middle of the night. I love Rodial’s sheet masks as well, and the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub.

What about beauty treatments?

I’ve had the LVL lash treatment by Nouveau Lashes – it lifts and tints your eyelashes, and the very first time you do it is just amazing. My hair got wrecked from using so much gel, so I also get tape-in extensions from Easilocks and I take Viviscal, silicon and biotin tablets to help get my thick hair back. For facials, I go to Omniya London in Knightsbridge.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

“Don’t pluck your eyebrows.” When I was just starting out as a model, I only plucked them a little, but still, a photographer told me that if I stopped touching them completely, I’d get a whole load of work doing beauty shoots.

And how do you stay fit?

I don’t really diet, I just eat things that I know my body needs. If I want junk food, I’ll eat it, but then I feel so desperate for nutrients the day after so I need to get some fruit or something. I’ve never struggled with my weight, so I just use the treadmill in my building’s gym until I’ve had enough and get off. Also, I just hate working out with other people around, so sometimes I do exercises in my flat that I’ve seen and saved on my phone.


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A post shared by Chloé Lloyd (@chloelloyd) on Apr 29, 2017 at 4:45am PDT

You’re so big on Instagram and your followers really seem to love you – how do you deal with haters?

Surprisingly, I’m lucky enough to not get that much hate. When I do, I think to myself, ‘They’re just some weirdo stuck behind a screen,” and delete their comment. I don’t take Instagram personally; it’s an unreal world, a second of my life in one photo. I love it as a model, though, as it can be hard to control your own portfolio, but now Instagram works almost like an agent. There can be a lot of pressure, for example, to have as many followers as Kendall Jenner with her 64 million, or you can miss out on jobs.

What do the perfect night in and a great night out look like for you?

Loads of tea, and a good binge watch of How to Get Away with Murder or The Killing – I’m obsessed with crime documentaries. For a night out I love just going to dinner – Nobu and Chotto Matte are my favourites.

What gets you pumped?

Putting on any music, usually Beyonce, really loud and getting up to dance, then I can properly get going.

Lastly, any hidden talents?

I actually did horseriding from the age of six all the way until I was seventeen. Oh, and I can do a headstand.


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