iPhone Storage What To Do When Your Memory Is Rammed

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21 Jun 2017

We’ve all been there: catching a beautiful sunset, tucking into a stunning avocado lunch (on a marble table top, obs), or bumping into the best pooch at the park – these are all things we absolutely need on our Instagram.

So you whip your iPhone 7 out of your pocket ultra fast, pressing your iPhone’s home button and swiping left to launch straight into the camera app, poised to rake in the likes.

And then the dreaded message appears: “Cannot Take Photo” our iPhone tells us, knackered under the weight of all your other photos, apps, and WhatsApp chats. Get ready to kiss that breathtaking shot goodbye.

But, it needn’t be this way. Take the time to have a quick spring clean of your iPhone’s storage, and you’ll thank yourself later. Lugging around an iPhone full to bursting with all that data slows your phone down, too.

So, here’s how you can trim your phone’s fat with these stellar iPhone storage hacks.

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1. Find out what’s taking up the most space.

So first you need to find your way to the Settings app, then jump into ‘General’. Next is ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’, a handy place where you can find out your iPhone’s total storage (minus the space taken up by your phone’s operating system) and how much room you have left.

But, we’re interested in getting our phone’s storage all squeaky clean, so click on ‘Manage Storage’ in the Storage category. Now you can see what apps you have with the largest file sizes at the top.

2. Delete the apps you don’t really need.

You can very quickly clear iPhone space by checking your ‘Manage Storage’ list and deleting the weightiest apps that you don’t use or need. To do this, simply click the name of the app you want to remove and press ‘Delete App’.

Of course, if it’s an app that you use a lot, you should definitely keep it even if it takes up lots of space. You don’t exactly have to delete Facebook to get your phone running right.

3. Get rid of those default Apple apps you never use.

It was only until last year’s release of iOS 10 that you could actually remove Apple’s default apps. You know the ones: Stocks, Home, and Maps were either useless, or there were much better alternatives out there.

But, in case you didn’t know, you can actually delete these now. Gone are the days when you had to make a specific folder called ‘Apple crap’ just to hide away the damned things.

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4. Move your info to your computer, or iCloud.

If you’re struggling to free up space on your 16GB iPhone – seriously why do you still have one of those when the superior iPhone 7 Plus goes up to a whopping 256GB? – you don’t have to get rid of stuff you can’t bear to be parted with. Yes, your massive gallery of cat GIFs doesn’t have to go anywhere if you save them to your computer or make the switch to iCloud.

If you connect to your iPhone to your computer, use iTunes to easily move photos and videos to save yourself space. You even have the option to delete the photos from your phone as soon as you’ve imported them.

iCloud is another option. Most apps offer you the chance to save your data to the cloud, and you can happily delete stuff from your device and download them again if you need them.

5. Save deleted app settings in iOS 11!

Apple revealed its new iOS 11 operating system recently, and one new feature in particular is perfect for space savers.

Along with loads of other great improvements, later this summer you’ll be able to save the settings of certain apps, even after you’ve wiped them from your device. Now you can delete apps you don’t need right now, but can launch straight back into them once you’ve downloaded them again.

Ahh, feels good doesn’t it? Your faster and less-cluttered iPhone is now ready to roll in any situation. Now you’ll never miss that perfect Insta op – your followers will thank you for it.

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Know of any other clever ways to free up storage space on your iPhone? Let us know on Twitter @instyleuk.


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