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by: Suzannah Ramsdale
3 Jun 2017

Never thought you’d be able to fly private jet? With JetSmarter you just might be able to… 

When you think of private jets what do you think of? Me, the first thing that pops into my head is an image of the Kardashians in head-to-toe Balmain bemoaning their lives in an episode of KUWTK. Or I imagine Frank and Claire Underwood scheming in their comfy leather chairs about who to throw under the train next in their quest for almighty power. Whoever I imagine, it isn’t me. Private jets seem so decadent, so luxurious, so out of my reach. But that might have just changed.

JetSmarter, financially backed by Jay Z, is basically the Uber for private jets. It launched in 2013 and was, until now, still not in the realms of affordable for me. Not even close. But this year they’ve launched The Simple Membership, and it’s made private jet travel a real possibility for people who aren’t super-rich oligarchs or multi-millionaire reality tv stars.

The Simple Membership works like this: for $5000 (£3877) a year travellers can book a certain number of seats for no extra cost on scheduled private jet flights to destinations in Europe, including Nice, Malaga, Ibiza, Milan and Geneva. Members can also, via the JetDeals section of the app, get free seats on last-minute empty flights, which is apparently quite common in private jet travel as people only book one-way tickets.

The app is super-easy to use: select your departure and arrival date, time, number of people and then all the options will appear. Tap and you’re booked.

The app, outside of The Simple Membership, also lets you do other things like charter a whole private jet, but it’s this Simple Membership that seems like it could actually make private jet air travel a possibility for the non super-rich.

£3877 might seem expensive at first glance but I did some sums and worked out that I pay well over £1000 per year for my gym membership, so maybe £3877 for the chance to fly private jet at the touch of the button isn’t that ridiculous? I’m flying on the new flight to Nice soon so I’ll report back and give you my verdict.


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