Jourdan Dunn Rocks Granny Grey For Wireless Festival

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A picture of Jourdan Dunn with grey hair at Wireless festival

Last week of Instagram, the Brit model Jourdan Dunn gave her toes just blue-gray world with the caption “Wireless ready” before hitting the festival in Los Angeles, and spiking a huge attack “hair-envy” worldwide. New look shadier Dunn came shortly after his best friend and fellow model Dear Delevigne also revealed steel gray hair earlier this month.

Cara Delevigne with grey hair

all started several seasons ago on the catwalk where hair colorist Josh Wood gray hair models for the show of Louis Vuitton SS12. Since then soft tresses have been growing in popularity and in May, Amazon reported a 80% increase in sales of gray hair dye. It may sound like a recipe for disaster, but Wood himself assures us that “cool pastels are the new ‘blue rinse’ and he has also developed a new line of semi-permanent color with Wella, in cold tones as soft muted Mauve , Jaded Mint and Smokey Amethyst. “These cold gray tones are very flattering on most skintones,” he adds, “and they can be surprisingly youthful, valuing around the hairline.”

The potted history “go gray” begins with the Georgians, who in 1700 made it fashionable to wear wigs and often gray powder in different pastel colors (the phrase “powder-blue” actually comes from wigs infantry at that time). For manes this gray day (natural and fake) platform some of the most fashion designer as a journalist Sarah Harris and model Kristen McMenamy. Redken hair ambassador, model-Soo Joo Park has recently opted for a blue-gray and chalky actress January Jones now has a rinse rose over the top of his ash-blond lob.

Soo-Joo Park with grey hair

In order to get the right shade of pale you will need to bleach your hair beforehand Sapphire says Lewis Bleach London and then toned silver. “Gray Hair Silver is best achieved in the living room, but if you’re hair has a light quite basic, you can use our Kit Bleach total ( £ 7; and White Toner (7 pounds; at home .. “To tone Jourdan you would need to ask for a blue toner-based rather than a lilac

A word of warning make-up with this trend – taking the heat of your hair could mess with your complexion and may need to change your make-up accordingly. “I would suggest you never leave home without blushing bright,” says makeup artist Arabella Preston. “A pink or peach cheek is what will make the difference between the party and looking chic as the half-dead!”


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