Karlie Kloss On Bleached Brows and Taylor Swift Beauty Hacks

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Things you need to know if you’re BFF’s with Tay-Tay? How to rock a mean red lip.

Karlie Kloss may be uber low-maintenance when it comes to beauty (her ultimate product? ‘super-cheap Labello’ lip balm), but Taylor Swift is her go-to for tricks on killer lips and liner.

The Karlie’s Kookies founder (yup, she has her own cookie business) talks InStyle through her beauty favourites and work-out secrets. FYI, if you spot a 6ft 1(and a half) supermodel sprinting incognito through your city, it’s probs Karlie…

So, how long does it take a supermodel to get ready?

‘Hmm, I reckon seven minutes on beauty. And then maybe another seven on choosing my outfit. I really love sleep, so I tend to do whatever I can to get a lie-in. I like to keep it simple with just the right amount of ‘un-make-up make-up’ – some cover-up, a flick of mascara and a bit of cream blush and I’m usually out of the door.'

Have you ever had any major hair disasters? 

‘Many! There was this one photoshoot about five years ago where I had to dye my hair red. We’re talking red red. They also ended up bleaching my eyebrows – I was so devastated. Because I had fine, “virgin” hair, for the next two years I’d find myself with this little undertone of strawberry blonde every time it was exposed to the sun.’

You and Taylor Swift are BFFs – do you share beauty tips?

‘Taylor can do a killer red pout. I love her signature beauty look: the classic lip and winged liner. She’s really good at doing her own make-up, so I’ve definitely picked up some good tips and products from her. I’ve probably helped her more with different ways to work out, like Pilates or strength training. We’re both very healthy and active, so we like to train together.’

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Make us feel better – do you have any beauty vices?

‘I need to be good about not picking spots; it’s just so tempting, though. You see a pimple and want to get it out. You have to be really careful about washing your brushes and towels to take care of your skin. I’m a bit of a germophobe actually.’

Did your ballet background help with that famous Klossie catwalk strut?

‘I think about it much more as a performance, which I definitely feel comes from ballet. All you’re really doing is walking, but what you’re trying to exude is stage presence, I guess. Ballet training not only teaches you posture, but also movement and body awareness. I’m 6ft 1in and a half – in ballet my height worked against me, but luckily it works in my favour for modelling.

What’s your favourite way to work out right now? 

‘I try to break a sweat every day. The best gift I can give myself is actually making it to the gym for an hour, or throwing on my trainers and just going for a run outside. I get to visit all these amazing places for work, so I always pack them and hit the streets when I can.’

We're in love with your look. Talk us through what’s in your make-up bag?

‘It’s super-cheap, but I LOVE the blue Labello Lip Balm (£1.79). It’s amazing – so creamy, it feels like butter on your lips. I’m also really into L’Oréal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara (£9.99). The brush gets right into the inner corners, so it lengthens the lashes without looking too much. ‘

And your beauty cabinet?

‘I’m all about the skincare. When my face feels dehydrated I love Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream (£29.50) – it’s so rich. Because I travel a lot, taking care of my hands and nails is one of my biggest things. Deborah Lippmann has this really lovely cuticle oil (£18). As I have quite fine hair, I like to use a bit of L’Oréal Paris Studio/Pro Boost It Volume Mousse (£4.49) to pump it up.’

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