Keeping Up With The Korean Kids 7 Styling Lessons To Learn

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4 Apr 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

When a two year old is more fashionable than you…

Seoul Fashion Week certainly serves up amazing street style. Contemporary fads are totally their thing with Vetements and tons of Supreme featuring heavily on Seoul’s stylish streets. However the packs of millennials, in their uniform of street wear and sleek tailoring, who gather outside the central venue for the shows, Zaha Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza, have nothing on their mini me’s.

Prior to each show a number of teeny tots paraded up and down outside the venue, encouraged by their parents who stand off camera with rewards of sweets and bear balloons for tip-top posing. Such a practice seems quite unethical but these children were owning IT, with some as young as three out posing any given adult. One boy went from posing side on, to kneeling down to lying flat on his belly, in well-honed two minute master-class.

It’s a sad reality when a child has more sass than you, so here are 7 styling tips we can learn from the Seoul street style kids…

1. “This is how you SLAY street wear…”

90’s realness at its finest. We suddenly feel ancient.

2. “Berets are big, babe.”

The way to top off your style-the South Korean way-right now is to be a babe with a beret. Formalise with a checked double-breasted jacket but keep the look casual by slipping into a sneaker and maximise the metallic pleated skirt.

3. “Don’t let ANY bitch steal your look!”

It’s hard when you are like, two years old, to prevent your big sister from stealing your look. At least the matching loafers are super cute!

4. “Make Sure Your Embellishment Weighs More Than Your Body Weight.”

Bombers are babe’ing especially in metallic and let your finishing touch be a baseball cap so heavily embellished you can barely hold your head up. Street wear is a massive Seoul style staple, so slam-dunk that fashion funk!

5. “Pimp UP Your Faux Fur.”

If you are going to wear faux fur, especially bright faux fur, you need the swagger to match. Otherwise don’t bother even leaving the house, huns.

6. “Pick Your Style Squad Wisely.”

Your style is stronger when you align yourself with the right kids in the right attire. There’s no room for wardrobe weaklings, EXHIBIT A, above!

7. “How Your Accessories To Account.”

With everyone trying to copy your clothes you can add your own style seasoning via the Korean go-to, the facemask and ensure you wear this under your chin to emphasise your bone structure. Alternatively find some fishnets or flap around in a fedora.


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