Khloe Kardashian Says She's Had to Stop Trying To Control Her Body During Pregnancy

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by: Juneau
9 Feb 2018

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Khloé Kardashian is making her health and fitness a priority in pregnancy, but she’s no exception when it comes to the unavoidable allure of Krispy Kreme donuts.

“I give into cravings — like if I want a donut, I’ll have a donut. I’m not super crazy,” the reality star, 33, said in a recent interview for Lorraine.

But the balance is proving to be a little more difficult when it comes to her family — including her baby on the way’s doting grandmother Kris Jenner.

“My mum brought me eight boxes of Krispy Kreme and got mad I didn’t eat all of them. That’s crazy,” says Kardashian. “I definitely will eat sweets if I want and give into that, but I really believe in working out and staying healthy — every pound I put on, I gotta take back off.”

Kardashian says she has had to change her outlook on what she can and can’t control in pregnancy, and just focus on being healthy for her and her baby.

“Right now, I don’t have control over my body,” she says. “I’ve learned to have control over it for so long, which was a fun, good control … it empowers me to have that control. Right now I don’t have that control — you’re letting your body do what it wants.”

“But I still work out,” Kardashian says. “I want to stay active just for the health of myself and even the health of my baby. I hear the labor will be a lot easier if I continue to stay healthy, so I’m just doing what’s best for me, I hope.”

The Revenge Body star — who shares her son on the way with NBA boyfriend Tristan Thompson — admits her pregnancy “puts so many things into perspective” in her life.

“People say once you have a baby your life just begins and you’re going to realise everything you were doing was nonsense, but honestly I’m so happy that this is happening in my life right now,” she explains.

“They always say, like, when you’re ready [you’ll know] … I feel so ready,” adds Kardashian. “I feel the timing really is perfect and I do feel like it’s going to be so exciting, everything that’s about to happen.”


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