Khloe Kardashian's £6.50 Secret To Her 'EXXXtra Pouty Look'

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We don’t even really want Khloe Kardashian’s lips. Not that she’s not a TOTAL babe – easily the sassiest of the Kardashians (possibly excluding North West), she's got a freaking GREAT bod, she's punchy af and is – as anyone who's even glimpsed KUWTK flicking channels – an all round cool girl. But, we just don’t think a round-the-clock LA pout is really 'us' right now. (Never say never.)

That said – when Khloe Kardashian gives us a ‘eXXXtra pouty look’ how-to, we listen… (And think about what life would be like if we looked like a Kardashian.)

If there's one thing to take away from it – it's that her favourite lipstick is £6.50. That's as much as a Pret sandwich and can of random 'detox' drink, or just TWO journeys on the Tube! 

Here's what happened when we tried Khloe's ‘Secret To Fuller Lips’…

1)    Put concealer on your lips, secondary school style – yes, for that terribly ill look.

2)     Draw around your mouth in lip liner (slightly above your cupid’s bow and below your lower lip line) until you have the pouty-ness you want. As Khloe says: ‘NEVER go outside your normal lip line on the sides of your mouth. If you do, you'll look cray’.

3)     Completely fill your lips in with liner. (Trust the expert… Khloe, I mean.)

4)     Cover with a matt lipstick. (Khloe uses NYX Matte Lipstick in Daydream which is only £6.50… We repeat – YOU CAN GET KHLOE’S EXACT MOUTH (kind of) FOR UNDER £7!)

5)     Gloss optional.

6)     Dab a highlighter on your cupid’s bow and in the centre of your lower lip…

And Voila! Khloe-TASTIC pout.

If you want to complete your transformation, here’s how to get Khloe’s body. And if none of this is for you, check out our beauty director Cassie Steer on how to get the perfect matte lip…


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