Kim Kardashian Blonde: how to take care of your hair

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Kim Kardashian goes platinum

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are well aware that the new you shadow is an icy blonde thanks to Kim’s obsession with the hue of fresh hair. But since its debut his new colors just in time for Fashion Week in Paris, the 34-year-old has bleached his hair a whopping three times in three weeks. She is on track for a disaster of hair? Not so, says celebrity colorist Sally Northwood. “To get that when you’re blond hair dark brunette is necessary bleach about three times. It ‘was very smart and not do everything the same day to save the hair to fall!”

Kim herself has also admitted that it takes a lot of work to keep her tone platinum. He recently shared a snap of herself mid-salon treatment Instagram with the caption, “Being blonde is a full time job!”

Being blonde is a full time job!

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March 18, 2015 at 12:08 PDT

Not afraid of some serious maintenance hair? Still eager to go lighter for the summer? Here’s what you need to know to make sure that your mane is beautifully polished …

Have patience

“If you’re starting with hair dark is going to take a couple of gos to do it platinum blonde “, says Northwood. “You will need to paint it two or three times in the first month to get the right color. After that book in only top monthly meetings.”

Ask me for a test thread

“Most people do not have virgin hair so you’re coloring hair that has been dyed that is difficult when it comes to getting the right shade.” Always get the hairdresser to do a test wire, she suggests. “They’ll cut some hair and bleach to see if you can get the mane as light as you want.”

Let the pros

If you are naturally a blonde darker or lighter you can get away with bleaching hair at home. Otherwise, do not do it or you could end up with fried ends and a shade oh-so-wrong. ”

Go for cutting

“Get ready for a drastic change in style too,” warns Northwood. “Once you have bleached hair a couple of times ends inevitably get so fragile that you have to cut it short to keep it healthy.”

Mind the gap

“When you bleach your hair you get holes in its structure. This is why the plot feels rough and icy tone lava quickly, “says Northwood. To keep your mane shiny and smooth it is necessary to use a protein rich styling lotion every time you wash your hair. “Try Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler of Pureology, £ 16.45, Feelunique .” And ‘acts as a filler for your hair. “

Condition, condition, condition!

“This will increase the shine and keep hair breakage”, swears Northwood. “Any other time you shampoo apply a moisturizing mask for wires instead of conditioner. Add a few drops of an invigorating conditioner purple mask to double on banishing brassiness too. “Our choice? Blonde Idol-tone customized treatment Redken, £ 17.30, Redken

ditch springs

“Stay away from heat styling if you can as this will only add stress already over-worked wire,” says Northwood. Can not bear to bin the rectifier? “Use a spray protection from the heat every time you heats style. “We love Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Milk Strengthening of Kérastase, £ 17.45, Feelunique

Think purple

Towards the end of the month, when the hair begins to turn a little ‘brass use a shampoo purple. “Apply it from the roots to the tips to neutralize any orange or yellow tones,” says Northwood. Beauty editor of InStyle swears by Perfect 4 Platinum Pureology Shampoo, £ 14.85, Feelunique


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