Kim Kardashian's Stylist Shows Us Exactly How to Recreate Her Braids

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Although Kim Kardashian West just switched her look up with an icy blonde wig, the mother of two has been faithfully sporting braids since giving birth to Saint West.

She first debuted the look with two braids, and it has evolved into four voluminous cornrows. If you're curious to know her secrets behind the style look no further. We caught up with her stylist, Justine Marjan, and she spilled all of the beans on her look.

'Kim wanted to give her hair a break from constant heat styling, and braids are the perfect way,' the hair pro explained to InStyle while adding, 'They lock in a style without having to use any flat irons or blowdryers.'


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Marjan even shared a fun hack with us: 'You can also coat the strands with a deep conditioner or oil before braiding, making the hairstyle double as a hair treatment.'

Now it's clear to see why the look has been a go-to for the glamorous star. 'In just over a month of doing this your hair can feel so much thicker and healthier,' Marjan said.

Before styling Kardashian West's locks, Marjan first coats strands with the Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil ($17; to keep the hair shiny, healthy, and tangle free.


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Then with a rat tail combo she suggests, 'using the bridge of your nose as a guide for the centre part. When we do 4 braids, I use her temples as a guide for the side parting.'

As for the braiding method, Marjan uses the Dutch Braid technique. Instead of crossing the three sections on top of each other, like a classic French Braid, reverse the process by crossing the strands underneath.

As you work your way down, pull hair from the sides as usual. 'I keep the hair really tight as I’m doing it for a super sleek finish,' Marjan added.


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If you want to boost volume or length there's no need to invest in expensive extensions. The celebrity hairstylist recommends 'synthetic hair for braiding because you don’t need to heat style it.'

Wrap a portion of the Sassy Collection Synthetic Braid extensions ($2; around the beginning of the braid for a heightened and longer look like the reality star.

To secure the ends, the expert uses Blax Blax Hair Elastics in black ($4;, and sprays Ouai Soft Hair Spray ($26; on to a toothbrush to tame any fly aways and keep the braids selfie ready throughout the entire day.

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