Kourtney Kardashian On Going Blonde, Selfies And Copying Kylie

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Interview by Lisa Haynes

Is it true that you’re o-v-e-r Kontouring?

‘Ha, I watched an episode back saying I was but I actually love contouring. I’m just over that super-fake look where it’s so powdered you look more like an alien or a doll than a person. I like to see skin. For me, make-up is supposed to enhance you a little, not completely transform you.’

Which sister are you most likely to steal beauty hacks from?

‘I’d say Kylie because she works so hard on her Lip Kit line. She’s just brought out a black lip, which I’d be a little scared to try but she definitely stays up on her trends. If I want to tell someone about an amazing natural product I’ve found, Khloe’s probably the only sister who’ll listen to me! We also workout together almost every day with my trainer Don who is so hardcore.’


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Oct 20, 2016 at 8:32pm PDT

When did going organic become a big deal for you?

‘It all started when I had my first child, Mason. I learnt so much about eating organically and then it’s just kinda snowballed into a lifestyle change. I think what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body. I even detoxed my make-up bag for the first time in years so I think organic make-up’s the next thing I slowly switch to. I’m keeping all my favourites until I find replacements!’

So how do you juggle three young kids with a make-up routine?

‘I mean, I have my 5-minute mum make-up down – and sunglasses are a big part of that. I go for dewy skin, quick bronzer, a little mascara, and a nude lip if I have time. Otherwise, it’s just lip balm and a ponytail. My daughter (Penelope) loves make-up so she’ll play with the stuff for hours while I’m getting ready.’

Let us in on your number one beauty tip…

‘I use silk pillowcases. They’re great for your hair and help your skin not wrinkle up overnight. You’re supposed to sleep on your back but I find that hard so the pillowcase helps.’


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Oct 2, 2016 at 8:48am PDT

Speaking of your glossy locks, ever had a major disaster?

‘When I decided to dye my hair blonde during finals in high school… I was at the salon for 12 hours, or something insane, and they bleached it three times because I’m so dark. Then I decided I was over it, dyed some brown and kept some blonde highlights but they literally broke right off. I had two-inch blonde spikes that stuck up like a mohawk – I used gel every day to stick them down until they grew out.’


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Sep 1, 2016 at 7:27pm PDT

You have almost 47 million Instagram followers. Any selfie tips?

‘Selfies are the hardest thing – it’s definitely all about lighting and angle. It’s good to stand in front of a window. We all have LuMee lights on our cell phones, but I use it more when I have make-up on. When I’m make-up free I prefer a selfie without it.’

Kourtney’s Must-Haves

1. ‘I’ve always loved Lancôme Hypnose mascara – it’s thickening and lengthening and it doesn’t get all clumpy.’

Hypnôse Custom-Wear Volume Mascara, £23.50, Lancôme

2. ‘I wear nude gloss a lot so I condition my lips with Manuka Doctor balm. It enhances your lips too so I love that.’

ApiRefine Lip Enhancer, £13.99, Manuka Doctor 

3. ‘When the ends of my hair are dry, I use Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Dry Oil. It’s also great to use on vacation if I want to slick my hair back into a bun.’

Black seed dry oil, £13.59, Kardashian Beauty

4. ‘I love Smashbox’s bronzer because it has no shimmer – I use it to bronze and contour but it even works on eyelids as a shadow.’

Bronze Lights in Warm Matte, £25, Smashbox

5. ‘I use Manuka Doctor facial oil every night, but if I’m just running around the house with no make-up I’ll put it on in the morning too for amazing, dewy skin.’

Brightening Facial Oil, £19.99, Manuka Doctor 

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