Lancome Launches Custom Made Foundation We Put It To The Test

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by: Madeleine Spencer
29 Jun 2017

Our Beauty Editor heads into Harrods to try the new Lancome Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation… 

Despite having been a foundation addict since about the age of 14, I’ve never worn one that matches my skin tone. As a teen who was obsessed with alabaster skin but who had terrible acne, I went lighter, wearing a layer of pale Max Factor foundation that looked like a mask. In my twenties, I was desperate to emulate J Lo’s honeyed skin, so went darker, oblivious to the fact that I looked like a complete and utter moron with a huge tide line under my chin.

In recent years, though, I’ve come around to my own skin colour, which, around this time of year, is a quite unremarkable beige that my younger self would’ve considered to be boring AF. The only problem? I’ve never found a foundation that quite matches it, so have been blending my own at home on the back of my hand to find something approximating my skin tone.

This approach is all well and good when I have time to do a decent job of mixing, but on most mornings, I whizz together my foundation while still bleary-eyed. When I finally do end up checking my face in a mirror in plain daylight , I’m usually oh-so-slightly too yellow, or a tinge chalky. And those tide lines are resolutely there. Not ideal.

For the first time in my life, I’m sporting the precise right foundation shade without having mixed a bunch together. All you have to go to get yours is trot along to the @lancomeofficial counter in Harrods, let them remove your make-up (the horror!), measure your skin colour, and wait a few minutes while the machine whizzes up your exact colour with your preferred coverage. Then you get to whack a label on it with your name on. £90 for the whole shebang. Not cheap, but well worth it if you can never quite match your shade at counters 👍🏻#Lancôme #leteintparticulier #foundation #beautyeditor #bblogger

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So hallelujah for Lancome, who’ve decided that enough is enough and who have now launched the cleverest of systems to make sure I – and you – never have to apply the wrong shade of foundation again. The process couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is book an appointment at the Lancome counter at Harrods, then entrust the staff to take your make-up off (this bit horrified me, but it was a short-lived pain for the greater gain), let the machine scan your forehead, cheeks and neck, then trial the blend to make sure it’s just right before they whizz up a bottle of your very own Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation.

As you can also customise the coverage (I went for full, reasoning that I could always mix it with a primer or moisturiser if I was after something sheerer), and you even get a little label on the front with your name on. The whole process takes about 20 minutes and costs £90 in total – not bad for your very own foolproof foundation.


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