Last-Minute Date Prep At Your Desk With These Beauty Saviours

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by: Leonie Eastwood
12 Feb 2018

Promotional feature with NIVEA

Looking your best at your desk relies on having the right skincare heroes at hand, which is why we’ve handpicked some of our favourite finds from one of the best value brands in the beauty game…

So whether you’ve got a dinner date or are going for after-hours cocktails with colleagues, refreshing and prepping your skin before leaving the desk will be quicker and easier than ever. 

Cue the five products you need to know about and why…

Remove that make-up cleansing stress
Face wipes are hands down the most convenient ways to take off your make-up so you can start again from scratch or touch up any smudges. The best option we’ve found for keeping skin feeling fresh and without drying it out? NIVEA Daily Essentials Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Wipes – perfect for when you’re in a hurry. 

Give your skin a lasting insta-perfect finish 
Prime skin with NIVEA Daily Essentials 24hr Moisture + Express Primer to create a smooth canvas that readies your skin for a longer-lasting make-up base. Not only will using it impact the finish of your make-up but it’ll also keep skin well-hydrated. 

Get your hands on a decent lip balm
NIVEA Hydro Care lip balm is a purse-friendly option for replenishing and nourishing lips – a go-to when it comes to creating a flawlessly smooth base for lip colour. It even contains SPF 15.

Hand cream is a year-round must have
NIVEA’s Limited Edition Nourishing Care Hand Cream does exactly what it says on the tube (FYI: that’s 24 hours of intensive nourishment). Best of all, it will look cute on your desk and provides a hit of Nivea’s nostalgic scent – that’s hard not to love, right?   

And if you’re going straight from your desk to drinks…
There’s one item you should NEVER be without ­– a mini deodorant. NIVEA’s Invisible Black & White Anti-perspirant helps protect your skin as well as your fashion garms, leaving zero white marks. Happy days!

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