Life’s A Bleach For The Boys….

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Justin Bieber with blonde hair

Blonde. It’s certainly a statement, especially when channelled by those carrying an XY chromosome. Male model du jour Lucky Blue Smith almost managed to convince us that it can work (in a slightly Malfoy-esque way) but Bieber? We’re not so sure…                                                                                                                                               So what if your other half is harbouring a secret blonde ambition? We speak to colourist to the stars Josh Wood for his take on the eternal dilemma – to bleach or not to bleach?

Lucky Blue Smith

“I think the full bleach-blonde look is a pretty big statement for most guys,” says Josh. “We’ve actually been perfecting a freehand bleaching technique called 'surf-kissing' that’s more about capturing what your hair would look like if you'd been on a beach for a few months –  so lighter, cooler ends randomly bleached with a dark root. This works best on unstructured, scruffy kind of styles.”

Lewis hamilton with blonde hair

Sounds much more aesthetically pleasing… Any big no no’s?
“The bleached streaks from the 80s – that's simply wrong. There are of course exceptions to the rule – Ryan Gosling and Mark Ronson managed to pull off the bright blonde look in the past and I also think Billy Idol wouldn't look the same without his signature white blonde.”

Ok so how to do it?
 “It’s very difficult (read near on impossible) to achieve at home. I actually think that roots look better on a guy than when it's freshly bleached. If a no-root option is what you're looking for, roots will need to be coloured every 5-6 weeks.
When it comes to styling, the shorter the better. Just make sure your hair is regularly trimmed and groomed – this will aid the re-bleaching process and also keep it looking really sharp. It's all about condition after the process. I recommend my Hydration Hold Shampoo, £9.50, and for a super charge once a week, use a colour mask such as Wella’s Color Save Mask, £15.50.


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