Loads Of Oscars 2018 Attendees Wore ThisNew Glossier Product…

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by: Madeleine Spencer
5 Mar 2018

Glossier has form when it comes to fanfare. When they launched into the UK last autumn, the internet was awhirl with glowing reviews and blog posts by the best beauty bloggers. Their first fragrance, Glossier You, has become a beauty editor’s favourite and is now often touted as a classic ‘you but better’ scent. 

Their latest launch has also enjoyed a pretty epic launch; at last night’s Oscars, Greta Gerwig, Taraji P. Henson, Salma Hayek, and Maya Rudolph all went down the red carpet wearing the new Glossier Lidstar Glistening Eye Glow, £15. Perfectly in keeping with the sombre and less is more beauty vibe of this year’s Academy Awards, the six Lidstar shades offer pared back, creamy, sheeny, sheer washes of colour.

The best thing about them? Unlike glossy lids, which look great but always come with a side of faff as you have to keep eyeliner in check and make sure you buy a non-sticky formula, these offer reflectiveness without any bother. 

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Our tip for applying? This couldn’t be any easier – just grab the doe foot applicator, dot it on your eyelid, then tap and swipe with your fingers until you’ve diffused it across your lid. If you’re into using make-up brushes, just use a buffing brush to distribute and smooth the edges. Once it’s set, add eyeliner if you’d like, and then some mascara. No fall down. No faff. Just easy, speedy make-up. We predict it’ll sell out. 


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