Looking for Halloween Make-Up Inspiration? Watch 5,000 Years Of Makeup In 6.5 Minutes

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Ever wish there was a video that would compact 5,000 years of make-up trends into a nifty 6.5 minutes video? Well thanks to celebrity make-up artist and author Lisa Eldridge now there is!

This ohh-so-inspiring clip not only gives you a complete rundown of the best and worst moments for make-up lovers and a thorough education on how make-up has evolved throughout the centuries, it also provides the ultimate inspiration towards any future Halloween costumes you were contemplating attempting.

The author of Face Paint: The Story of Makeup answers many-a-question throughout her video in what can only be described as the most glamorous history lesson we’ve EVER seen.

Inspired to recreate the dramatic look of the 16th century? Perfectly timed for party season, these heavy effects were essential to disguising the ill effects of their love of late boozy nights.  Opting for Gatsby glamour? Dark sooty eyes and dark rosebud lips will provide the ultimate symbol of strength and female empowerment.

Fancy a little history lesson? Watch the video in full below….



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