Make-Up Artist To The A-List Jillian Dempsey On Where You REALLY Need To Spend Money

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by: Madeleine Spencer
16 Feb 2018

I once left my make-up bag at a boyfriend’s house up north and, when faced with replacing the entire contents, realised how expensive the average make-up kit is. Throw in the odd red lipstick or glitter eyeshadow for fun, and you could be looking at upwards of £150 for your weekly make-up bag.

But, like all expenses, when bought over time, it seems less painful. Until lots of things run out at the same time and you’re suddenly standing at the counter in Selfridges trying desperately to thin out the contents of your shopping basket.

That’s where our expert columnist – and make-up artist to the A-list, Jillian Dempsey, comes in to tell you what you do and don’t need, if you’re looking to down the spend on your make-up at the moment. And just like some of the genius thrifty nail tricks our columnist Glenis Baptiste shared last week, these are so helpful…

Q: I’m so into make-up and love making my eyes pop – but I don’t have the money to replace all my products like for like. Which bargain eye products would you recommend?

Jillian Dempsey: “I feel passionately that you don’t need expensive mascara, so one of my go-tos is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara – it’s really easy to use, and it separates the lashes beautifully. Eyebrows are also really easy to cater to – L’Oreal does great eyebrow pencils that come in a range of shades.”

Q: Perfecting my skin is my thing – but my wallet can’t keep up with my spending. Help! 

Jillian Dempsey: “I always think it’s worth putting more investment into great skincare – but it doesn’t have to cost the earth; I love using Weleda Skin Food and Embryolisse Lait Moisturizers for clients. If you want to cut corners when perfecting your skin, try translucent powders, like the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder.”

Q: People always talk about multitasking skincare and I wondered if there are any make-up products that double up as something else too to make my life easier (and that’ll save me some cash!)?

Jillian Dempsey: “My Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints in Ruby and Dew are great multi-purpose products; Ruby looks nice when dabbed onto lips, and you can tap Dew on the high-points of the face as a highlight. You can also do a lot with eyeshadow quads like Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage or Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate: you could apply the dark brown shade on the brows for extra definition, or the lighter bone shades underneath the brow bone or on the inner corner of the eye.”


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