Mario Dedivanovic (Aka Kim K's Makeup Pro) On How To Contour In The Time It Takes To Boil A Kettle

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Feb 6, 2016 at 5:55pm PST


We caught up with the King of contouring and ambassador for L’Oreal Makeup designer new Paris Sculpting Range, Mario Dedivanovic who let us in on his secrets to creating Kim K worthy cheekbones in less than two minutes. Over to Mario!

1. Blend, blend, blend

'A really quick and easy way to contour that’s not intimidating at all is with L'Oreal's new sculpting palette. It’s two shades, one to highlight and one to contour. Apply the contour to the hollows of the cheeks, the hairline and the jaw (this stops you getting a double chin in photos) then blend in before applying the highlight colour. The key is to just blend really well to achieve a really natural shadow.'

2. Suck those cheeks in

'I always tell my clients to suck in the cheeks first so you can find the hollow perfectly. After you've done your shadow, apply a very little bit of highlighter to the cheek bones, on the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow of the lips.'


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Feb 10, 2016 at 10:15am PST


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3. Avoid that nose contour

'If you're not confident with contouring don't go for the nose. I've seen so many bad nose contour jobs so if it's your first time, don't do the nose! Wait until you get the hang of the cheeks and the rest of the face and then ease your way into the nose because it can look stripy.'

4. Keep your cool

'If you're very fair then stick with cooler toned blusher because you want it to look like a natural shadow, not really orange!'


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5. Get your glow on

'I don’t like to use a lot of powder around the cheek area, so let the natural oils on your skin glow. Stripes of blusher were big in the 70’s and 80’s but what you want to do now is apply your blush just to the apples of the cheeks which you can find by smiling. I think a lot of women use brushes that are way too big for the apples of the cheeks so try swapping to a smaller brush, apply and blend outwards.'

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