Meet The Beauty Site That's Going To Solve One Of Your Biggest Beauty Dilemmas

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We can’t be the only ones who love perusing the beauty aisles for a new purchase? We could spend hours (or whole days if the Selfridges beauty hall was open 24/7) roaming the counters for our latest beauty fix. BUT sometimes we have left our favourite beauty haunts empty handed and we bet you’ve had the same problem.

You might love the brand, you might love the packing and all of your friends might have purchased it but EXACTLY how are you supposed to know if a product will work for you when there are so many types and so many different brands to choose from?

Only last year we were being introduced to  BB Creams and we have no doubt that at some point this alphabet phenomenon will continue and we’ll end up on ZZ creams – but these new beauty innovations don’t necessarily simplify our beauty routines.

Though the product might say it works for oily skin types – besides badgering the counter staff for a ‘few’ testers of the product – how do we really know that it won’t dry out our skin?

Or the dreaded words ‘universal shade’ emblazoned on the side of the latest beauty must-have – no-one wants to commit cash to a product that might not flatter their skin tone.

Yes, finding a product that’ll suit your every skincare concern or beauty need is a bit of a nightmare but it doesn’t have to be – because there’s a new beauty website on the block and it’s finally about to solve this big beauty dilemma. You might want to bookmark it now…

Introducing Powder, the beauty site that has mastered the art of personalised beauty. Thought you couldn't get enough of beauty halls and counters? Well trust us when we say this is about to become your new beauty addiction!

Powder has edited the world's beauty products down to the best that make-up and skincare has to offer. Then, based on your beauty concerns, it quickly and cleverly matches you to the best products for your every skincare and make-up need.

All you have to do is head over to, tell them your beauty needs and wants and within SECONDS you'll be matched to products that are perfectly suited to you. Everything on this site is completely tailored to you – from the experts tips & tips that come with every product recommendation to the articles on your very own beauty feed – this is personal beauty at its best.

Oh and did we mention that they've just added BB creams to their beauty edit line-up? With just a few clicks you’ll be matched to the perfect one for your skin tone as well as all your skincare needs.

Time to say hello to a lifetime of beauty happiness (and a happier bank balance).

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