Meet The Beauty Website That'll Find The Best Eye Cream For Your Peepers

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Let's face it, finding an eye cream that actually works for your peepers isn't easy. Sadly not all products will work as well for you as they do for your friends. But finding a product that targets your specific eye concerns just got a whole lot easier. From puffiness, to dark circles and fine lines; finally we have the answer for tackling your peeper problems! No, this isn't a dream; you really are just a few clicks away from being matched to an eye cream that'll perfect your peepers. Here's how…

Meet Powder, the beauty website that you need to bookmark now (literally right now) because we're totally hooked and you will be too.

Powder, is a new and AMAZING beauty site that’s the place to go for personal product recommendations and great beauty advice. Their beauty editors have sifted through mountains of products and edited them down to the best that make-up and skincare has to offer. Then this site quickly and cleverly sorts through these products and finds the ones that'll meet all your beauty needs and wants as well as your all skincare concerns. From the experts tips & tips that come with each product recommendation, to the ability to change your concerns to ensure your skincare and makeup always meets your latest beauty needs – it really is all about personal beauty.

All you have to do is join up (it’s completely free), answer a few quick questions about your beauty self and within moments you’ll be matched to the best eye cream for you. But it doesn’t stop there; you can find everything from your perfect shade of foundation to a moisturiser that’ll seriously up your hydration game.

We road tested it, put it through its paces and we've got to say we're definitely impressed. Finally there's a way to find makeup and skincare products that really work for you – it's the end of spending hours (and pounds) on products that never really met your needs – you know the ones that you just can't bear to throw out even though you haven't used them since they day they were purchased.

Admittedly we're not going to bin these old (ok ancient and questionable looking) products anytime soon – we’re suckers for a bit of beautiful packaging – but now we can all start adding products to our beauty arsenal that will truly work and that we can board with pride.

So make sure you head over to today to get your free beauty recommendations.


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