Meet The 'Gender Neutral' Singer Who Counts Kendall Jenner As AFan

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
6 Jun 2017

You may not have heard of gender neutral singer LP (real name, Laura Pergolizzi) yet, but you’ve certainly heard of their work. The 36-year-old co-wrote Rihanna’s Cheers Drink To That alongside hits for the Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera.

And the rock star-turned-mainstream star is back with EP Lost on You and has already amassed 127 million YouTube views for the track, Lost On You. Here our Joshington Hosts (he’s now OBSESSED with LP BTW) meets the American singer who finds it “f**king dope” that the sound LP, refered to as “big indie,” has gathered fans including Kendall Jenner. Meet a very modern icon, whose androgynous style is a symbol of our society today…

“Being a ‘female’ rock singer in the industry has been a limiting term for a long time. I feel like, yeah, you’re allowed to be a rockette but just a cooler indie rockette. But I think the biggest and the best example really of being an old school rock star but for modern times is really Florence from Florence and the Machine. She is basically a Stevie Nicks 2.0 or a Janis Joplin 2.0 to me. I think a lot of rock music now has been marginalized and is not allowed to go the full whole Monty.”

“I’m a woman? What? I don’t really subscribe to labels! I look on the outside how I feel on the inside. When I think about the term gender fluid – and everybody says that now – I just think I have always felt that way and that’s how I have always wanted to be. I don’t really understand the need that people have to separate things. When I see a ladies room and the silhouette of the lady, I feel like a f**king wacko walking in there like, ‘Here I am, I’m wearing a little triangle!’ It just feels f**king weird. I don’t really like to be put in that place because I like dressing how I dress.”

“I think how I dress, for me, represents my freedom of society. People say, ‘Oh you want to be a guy?’ I have gone through periods of being like, ‘yeah I want to be a dude,’ but I have a theory that a lot of women have pictured what their life would be like if they were a guy even if it’s just in terms of opportunity and freedom. If you ask most women, ‘What would your name be if you were born a guy?’ They’ll tell you but if you ask a guy, ‘What would your name be if you were born a girl?’ They wouldn’t have an idea, heterosexual men have never really wondered that, I think.”

“Moving from rock into the pop mainstream is like a Dr Seuss book. It’s like, ‘How the f**k did I get here?’ On this tour I ended up in Morocco and I was like, ‘People in Morocco found me? Wow’. I just wouldn’t have thought that would ever happen. Just last September I was a support act for Bryan Ferry and while we were on that tour everything started to blow up. So we organized my own tour and all of a sudden I was like headlining a festival in Bucharest to 10,000 people! It’s just taken me more time than other artists to get to this point.”

“Kendall Jenner doesn’t give a sh*t. She is definitely not going to be like, ‘I like this’ just because she wants people to like her. She booked us for her V magazine party when she was on the cover – she’s totally cool and it was so fun. I was impressed with her attitude towards me and my music – it was a very pleasant surprise.”

“When I thought that Rihanna was going to do my song, I just figured she would change it completely but she didn’t, it was basically the same. I sang the demo and she did it exactly the same as me. Rihanna is just really cool, she absolutely nailed it and I always love hearing it, it’s a great honour to have anyone sing any thing that I’ve written it.”

“I have no idea how many tattoos I have. I did a head count and now I have lost track again. Getting a new tattoo is a little bit of a drug on tour where you’re in some random country and you’re like ‘You know what we should do… we should get tattoos.’ We went to Switzerland and it was the first time that I drank, like, three beers before I got tattooed, and I don’t usually, so I just let someone freehand on me. But stupidly I decided to do it in a non English-speaking country and so there was a serious language barrier when it came to the results…”

LP’s album, ‘Lost On You’ is out now


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