Meet The Genius Foundation Sponge That Looks Like A Bra Insert

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Don't go stuffing that tiny silicone square into your bra just yet—although it looks like an insert designed to create some major cleave, it's actually one of the coolest makeup sponges out there. Unlike your traditional blending tool, the Silisponge won't suck up all of your product, and is super-easy to clean thanks to the polyurethane and silicone used to create it. The flexible interior makes it easy to blend foundation or concealer over the contours of your face, while its coating is resistant to oil and grease. That being said, one sponge will pretty much last forever. Your BeautyBlender just might have some competition…

You can wash the Silisponge with any soap and lukewarm water, and it doesn't have to be replaced until the exterior starts showing signs of wear. Silisponge are on sale at, that is, if you can even get your hands on it. The tool is constantly selling out, though restocks happen pretty regularly, so stalk the Molly Cosmetics social feeds to stay updated. In the meantime, we'll be over here robbing Victoria's Secret of every gel bra insert they currently have in store.


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