Meet The Maid: The New Braid That Guys Are On Board With

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Brooklyn Beckham debuts man braid

What have Harry Styles, Brooklyn Beckham and Derek Hough got in common? They've all jumped on the latest hair trend – the maid, or man braid.

It's the latest incarnation of the man bun (aka mun) for guys styling out longer hair. And we kinda like it. 

This week Brooklyn debuted his maid on Instagram to his 5.9million followers. Trend setting Harry was an early maid adopter with a variation on the look in late 2014, thanks to 1D hair stylist Lou Teasdale.

"The man braid is for the braver man," says Jamie Stevens, three times men's hairdresser of the year. "Long hair is still around for men so it’s another alternative up-do."

So what are the characteristics of a classic maid? It's a loose, single French plait through the length, contrasted with shaved or short sides. See Derek Hough's Insta-maid below. 

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Want to know how to man braid? Jamie Stevens has the hair lowdown:

1. The maid isn't as easy to do on yourself as a man bun. Ask a girlfriend to help you out if braiding doesn't come naturally.

2. Start with towel dried hair and prep with sea salt spray for a gritty texture with more control.

3. Take hair from the triangle sections at the front and separate into three strands, 1, 2 (middle) and 3. Cross 3 over 2, 1 over 2, then take 3, adding more hair as you're going. Cross back over 2 and repeat.

3. Use a plain hairband to secure, or for a more relaxed look, lightly backcomb the ends and spray with a fixing spray.

The maid may sound more complicated than the man bun but you can keep it in for a few days post-styling.

Browse the Instagram #manbraid hashtag and prepare to get hair envy. Some of the guys officially have better braid skills than us…

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