Mineral Makeup The Best Skin Perfecting Powders

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1 Feb 2018
by: Dani Kleinman

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Forget blending tools, contour, and liquid foundation, the (totally freckle friendly) key to a flawless complexion is mineral makeup…

If you’ve been hunting for an alternative to standard foundation, look no further than skin-perfecting hero mineral makeup. And don’t dismiss powder foundation – it won’t make skin look dry, but rather more even, while still allowing your complexion to show through. After all, as Beyonce’s make-up artist Sir John just reminded us: “skin should look like skin.” 

Applying a powder foundation is a cinch and, because it’s so much easier than smearing on liquid foundation, you can completely avoid those dodgy tide marks. Just buff on with a fluffy brush in circular motions until the foundation has melded with skin.

The best bit? It’s actually better for you. With BareMinerals’ Blemish Remedy helping to fight breakouts, spots and minimizing the appearance of pores, it’s your one stop shop for covering and clearing your complexion. It’s so good, we use it ourselves. And while we might not have skin like Queen Bey, we’ve definitely racked up a few compliments…

Not sure about the coverage? Never fear, mineral makeup is completely customisable; just sweep twice over redness or spots for extra coverage. Our top tip: Grab an eyeshadow brush, dip it into some powder foundation and dab onto a spot; it’ll cover the pesky bump way better than a liquid would and won’t budge. Genius!

Forget trawling the shop floor, we’ve rounded up the ten best mineral makeup powders in the biz. Ladies, get buffing!


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