Miss Piggy Look Fashion Icon Up In The Dictionary I Am It

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
15 Jan 2018

Miss Piggy is one pig in a seriously sassy blanket as our Josh Newis-Smith found out…

Miss Piggy is quite possibly the Queen of Sass and boy does she serve it up! This little piggy didn’t mince her words when we grilled her on The Muppets and more in this week’s Joshington Hosts. Watch the video above to see Miss Piggy take part in our new game, ‘Small Talk’, where she attempted to answer our tricky questions fifteen words or less. Game, set and match!

Joshington Hosts: Why do you think you are a fashion icon?

Miss Piggy: “Come on! Look at moi! Look up fashion icon in the dictionary and it’s me!”

JH: What was Kermit’s worst habit?

MP: “He works naked! I used to like it but now we are broken up it’s like torture!”

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JH: Have you recovered from your break-up with Kermit?

MP: “I am, we are fine, we work together and we are friends. Gosh darn it I just wish he would start wearing clothes!”

JH: What is your ultimate accessorizing tip?

MP: “Never wear more jewellery than you can wear without falling over – Unless its Swarovksi and then wear more than your body weight! I mean look at me!”

JH: Is there ever such a thing as too much?

MP: “I don’t know the meaning of too much! Anything worth doing is worth over doing!”

JH: How do you flirt Miss Piggy style?

MP: “That doesn’t take any words at all- all it takes is a look (and one serious hair flick!).”

JH: Which of The Muppets do you like the least?

MP: “I have let go of all negative feelings. I don’t dislike any of The Muppets. I can’t stand a single one, that’s not on the record!”

JH: What is a Miss Piggy seasonal soiree like?

MP: “Lots of holiday cheer. Lot’s of Mistletoe and lots of men!”

JH: What tips would you give Meghan Markle for the ultimate Royal Wedding?

MP: “If she’s watching, invite moi and we can take it from there!”

Miss Piggy interviewed exclusively by Joshington Hosts thanks to Swarovski


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