NYFW: 5 Things We Love About Being Backstage At Victoria Beckham

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Backstage with Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week

It might have a call time of 7.30 am (hence no selfie action on our part) but the Victoria Beckham show is always at the top of our backstage lust list. Why? Let us count the ways….

1) Catering
Backstage grub and sophistication are not words generally bandied about in the same sentence (think bun fight aftermath where the curling-around-the-edges bread has been cast aside by models who are only after the dubious-looking protein foodstuff inside). BUT Ms VB had taken to showing at Cipriani's (upscale eating establishment) for the last few seasons and the catering reflects the impressive venue. We're talking a tantalising array of pastries (untouched of course) and enough fruit platters to sink a fruitarian submarine.

Backstage with Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week
2) Glam team dream team
The show is always headed up by doyenne of the beauty world Pat McGrath (seriously, the woman is like the Madonna of makeup) and equally influential godfather of hair Guido Palau.

Backstage with Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week
3) Easy breezy beauty
We love that the hair and makeup looks are always achievable to us minions. Victoria's girl is 'fresh, simple and modern' (amen to that we say) and this season Pat McGrath created a 'sporty, sophisticated' look that required lots of skincare prep followed by a swoosh of blush, some taupe around the eye and a touch of brown mascara (5 of the models were also adorned with an accent of bright red/orange on the lips). Hair was equally simple with a smooth blow-out using Redken's Satinwear which was pinned into a twist before being released in the line-up for some natural movement.

Backstage with Victoria Beckham at New York Fashion Week
4) Ahead of the curve…
For beauty that is. It's no secret that VB loves her beauty products and we always manage to spy an exclusive launch at her shows. This time it was a new 'Pro' collection courtesy of cult makeup and skincare brand Sunday Riley and we for one can't wait to get our mitts on them.

Sunday Riley Pro Collection
5) Mr Beckham
Ok, we admit, it, whilst we didn't ACTUALLY spy David backstage this season theres always the possibility of some Becks action (we still hark back to the time that he – quite literally – bumped into us whilst carrying Harper)

David, Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham at New York Fashion Week

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