Pizza Hut has a Gamma Nail Polish? Yes. Yes it does …

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In most delicious beauty news today, the word came to us that Pizza Hut has branched from the restaurant industry and invented very own range of nail polishes. Because, well, why not?

The collection of eight shades offers some spectacular puns pizza, too. Our favorites have to be the pink piggy bank ‘Meat Me After Midnight’ and the grout color ‘Dough You Need Me.’ Both the classics already clear.

Pizza Hut Australia was the mastermind behind the concept, coming up with the idea during the period of Valentine’s Day when they decided to organize a poetry competition of pizza themed, rewarding the best 30 poets with the whole range nail.

The only drawback? This was only winners. And they are not available for purchase … yet. Maybe if we ask ourselves quite well, Pizza Hut will make them available for the UK? We can only live in hope.

In the meantime, we have factory-third portion of ice cream to console.


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