Pump Up The Volume 10 Of The Best Shampoos For Thin Hair

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by: George Driver
14 Dec 2017

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Suffering from flat, fine hair? Check out our edit of the best shampoo for thin hair…

Hair thickening shampoo is forever on our shopping list. A constant receiver of the classic hairdresser comment ‘You’ve got fine hair but a whole lot of it’, the search for volumizing shampoo that adds body and thickness without making me look like Cousin Itt or Cher circa 1987 is constantly ongoing.

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Destined to look like I was born in the 80s, my fine but fluffy hair is pretty much the anti-smooth and looks scarily like my mum’s ‘do in old photos. Let’s just say, if I was born a few decades ago, my hair would be perfect.

But in 2015 aka the year of super smooth, Kardashian worthy thick locks, my mass of cloud-like hair just won’t do. Enter the life-saving shampoos.

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Ultra-cleansing without weighing your hair down with chemicals whilst providing a much-needed injection of keratin, these are the thickening and volumising shampoos I’ve been looking for.

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From Korres’ rice protein infused shampoo to Philip B’s avocado based hair cleanser, we’ve edited the best thickening shampoos for fine hair so your lack lustre locks can pump up the volume. We call it the Holy Grail of hair. You can thank us later.


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