Rev Your Engines David Gandy Takes Us On The Ultimate Road Trip…

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26 Feb 2018

Va-va-voom! David Gandy is in the hot seat…

David Gandy is the ultimate crush, let’s be honest. So who better to jump behind the wheel with and talk all things road trips and equally stunning Jaguar E-PACE?

Who would be your dream road trip buddy and why?

My girlfriend and I have had the most incredible road trips over the last few years in South Africa, California and all over Europe. Most weekends we will drive out to the Sussex downs and with our little rescue dog Dora for a mini road trip to find some great walks and of a course a good old English pub. The greatest drive though was in the Millie Migla, which is a rally race for 1000 miles around Italy. I did the race in a Jaguar XK120 and my co-driver was Yasmin le Bon and we had the most incredible time.

What would be your ultimate soundtrack for said road trip?

I was brought up listening to Soul and Motown and nothing has really changed, that’s what you will find on my playlist most days in my car. However, I must be getting older as I find myself listening to Desert Island Discs a lot now.

Where would your dream road trip be?

I have been very fortunate enough to have travelled quite extensively around the world and been on some incredible road trip adventures. However a beautiful English country road in the summer time in a classic sports car still takes some beating.

Worst road trip tale?

My family and I were once driving through Uganda to get to the mountains to trek for Gorilla. One morning another 4×4 lost control on a dangerous road and collided with our vehicle. The local townspeople surrounded both vehicles and for a while we were not sure what was going to happen, it was a little scary.

The sun going down after a brilliant day testing the all electric @jaguar i-pace at the Jaguar ice academy. Thank you to the brilliant @mitchevans_ for his incredible driving and teaching me on how to improve mine!! Please follow @mitchevans_ on his bid to be no.1 in @fiaformulae this season. #ipace #jaguariceacademy #jaguar

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Would you say you are a certified car geek?

The majority of books I read are on the history of cars, racing or car brands. The only programmes I watch on TV are classic car restoration programs or documentaries and I could probably tell you what car had just gone past without even looking at, just by the sound of the engine. So yes a huge geek when it comes to cars.

Do you know how to change a tyre?

If you mean changing a wheel if a car gets a flat tyre then yes. If you mean can I put a new tyre on a wheel rim, then no I’ll take that to an expert.

Over the weekend i took on team @vicky.mcclure in the @jaguar e-pace challenge. Absolutely brilliant wkend to launch the new small Jaguar sports crossover with a truly brilliant bunch of guests. #epace #jaguar. Swipe right to see all the pics.

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How do you rate your driving skills?

I think every guy thinks they are a potential F1 driver, or at least that’s what we dream.  I’m not the most competent track driver. However, I have been lucky enough to have been taught by some incredible racing drivers and instructors, so i hope I have at least picked up a few good tips along the way.

What are your style must-haves for a road trip?

Really depends where I am going and what I am doing. However there is always a Private White field jacket on me or in my luggage.

Here i am with @mitchevans_ learning how to use my side window as a windscreen. Winter testing the all electric @jaguar #ipace at their ice driving academy. #racetoinnovate #jlriceacademy

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What attracted you to being a Jaguar owner?

We have always been a Jaguar family. My sister and I and the dogs were always packed into the back of the family Jag and we use to drive across Europe to ski or for summer holidays. Jaguar have an incredible history and heritage, not just from racing but building some of the most innovative and beautiful cars ever made.  I love that Jaguar are British and a car and brand that makes you feel very special when you drive their cars.  Of course the howling 560bhp V8 engine that does 200mph in my FTYPE helps as well.

What are your thoughts on the new E-PACE?

When i first saw the Jaguar F-PACE large crossover in concept form I predicted it would be a huge success and its become the fastest selling Jaguar of all time.  The EPACE is a smaller sports crossover that will introduce Jaguar cars to a whole new audience. Its beautifully designed inside and out, is great to drive and feels a very special car, exactly how ever Jaguar should be.

E-PACE starts from £28,500. For more information, please visit


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