Say Hello To Your New Avocado Obsession

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17 May 2017

Say Hello To Your New Avocado Obsession

You might be over those perfectly art-directed avocado shots on social media, but there’s no escaping them. We love our avocados – in fact, #avocado has been used over 5.8 million times on Instagram alone…

Along side poached eggs on toast, blended in smoothies, and even plastered on our faces as a moisturising mask – they’re everywhere. But posh brunches and healthy fatty acids aside, when it comes to eating them at home we’ve all been there when the pesky other half of our avo has gone a very unhappy brown shade in the fridge that no filter whatsoever can fix. Everything suddenly gets very mushy and it leaves us with very mixed feeling about our avo-obsession.

Enter Iceland who claim to have met our deep avocado needs by launching… wait for it. Frozen avocado. Well bags of sliced avocado, to be precise. I mean, lets take a minute here. No longer are your avos going soggy (yuck) there’s also no need to peel, de-stone, or slice. Meaning you won’t have to join the many injured others swamping the NHS with avocado related injuries (AKA avocado hand). Less danger, more time; so many wins.

So next time you’re feeling extra healthy and ready to get busy with your breakfast on Instagram, head down to your local Iceland and pick up some pre-pealed, pre-sliced avocado segments – a 460g bag of avocado (approximately 8 half slices) will cost you £2.50. You’re then set to create a brunch masterpiece (without any of the hard-hard work of slimy slicing of course). Genius…

Oh, and don’t fret about taste. According to Iceland head Neil Nugent, you’ll still get all the yumminess of a non-frozen avocado as: ‘the avocados [are] harvested and frozen when perfectly ripe so they retain flavour, texture, aroma and colour.’ So, you’ll no longer have to umm and ahh while fondling avocados with great concentration in the supermarket in a bid to utterly guess for ripeness. Of course, the longevity of these photographic fruits is still an issue as frozen avocados are well, frozen. Meaning that you will have to wait for them to defrost and then grab hold before the inevitable golden hour of ripeness is forever gone. We still need a solution for that avo-issue Iceland…


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