Selena Gomez Made Her Instagram Private and People Are Very Confused

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by: Alexandra Whittaker
6 Dec 2017

The most followed Instagrammer in the entire world turned her public profile private on Tuesday morning, and people are a little confused. Selena Gomez boasts a staggering 130.9 million Instagram followers, and apparently she wants to keep things between them.

She put her Instagram on private, which means potential followers will have to be approved before seeing her photo feed, and the abrupt action is causing people to speculate. As the most followed person in the world on Instagram, Gomez’s photos garner a lot of attention, but the change is sparking confusion, mainly.

Some fans are claiming that Gomez posted an Instagram Story referencing her Billboard interview with distaste, but by Tuesday afternoon, her Instagram Story was clear.


Other fans are just confused


And some are simply amused.

No matter what the reasoning behind the deletion is, with so many followers, we think anything Gomez posts will be seen by plenty of people, even if her Instagram is private. 


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