So THIS Is How The A-List Prepped Their Lips for the Golden Globes

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by: Madeleine Spencer
8 Jan 2018

Every single time you see an A-lister wearing a brighter than bright pop of lipstick, you can all but guarantee their lips have undergone a bit of a mini lip treatment prior to application. Whether that be a speedy roll of a cotton bud over lips loaded up with balm, a lip mask, or just a little massage with a humble lip scrub, it is a step make-up artists always hammer home if you want flake-free lips that allow for a smooth application of lipstick.

But our expert columnist, Jillian Dempsey, has some make-up magic up her sleeve that she pulled out last night at the Golden Globes that we think you need to know about. Her favourite trick is ingeniously simple – and it relies on blotting paper. Here’s what she does:

1) Balm.

Apply lip balm all over lips. Jillian favours Chantecaille Lip Potion, but as long as you have something seriously nourishing, thick and balmy, you can steam on with that.

2) Wait.

Do the rest or the majority of your make-up while the lip balm absorbs – you want to give it maximum lip time for a serious whack of moisture.

3) Blot.

3) Glad a sheet of blotting paper, and prep it to lips a la the shot of Jennifer Aniston and Emilia Clarke. Dempsey does this because ‘it takes off any excess balm so that it’s a clean lip to paint the colour on.’

4) Lipstick.

Grab your favourite lipstick (and if you want to be faithful to the Golden Globes thing, pick up one of the shades that the stars actually wore on the red carpet) and paint it all over your lips. 

Voila! Lipstick that’ll look luscious AND apply well because your lips won’t be too balmy beforehand. See, we told you Jillian had all the best tricks…


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