So Tom Daley Went To Fashion Week And THIS Is What Happened

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
13 Jun 2017

He had dinner with Tom Ford, hung out with David Furnish and still had time to give his husband a surprise birthday party. Here’s why Tom Daley’s is a London Fashion Week Men’s medal winner! 

Tom Daley dived out of his trunks and into the pool of London Fashion Week: Mens (catchy AF, right!?!) this weekend. Concluding at dinner with Tom Ford last night, during the last few days Tom babe’ed in Burberry, took in a fashion show on the Thames, found the time to train for the small matter of his day job. He even managed to throw a surprise birthday party for his husband, Dustin Lance Black AND potter around with his plants (NO. ACTUAL. JOKE)!

Here the Olympian talks to Joshington Hosts about looking ‘dapper on the Daley’ and his new style direction (Tom has been working with Celebrity Stylist, James Yardley). Alas there are NO topless photos, but you will just have to deal with it….

“Men’s fashion week it is full of beautiful men. You walk through a men’s fashion party and it’s like, ‘what on earth!” They are actually other-worldly!”

“Fashion week is a different level of competition… Coming from a sporting background, when it comes to something like fashion week, it’s totally different and yet similar as you are competing in a competition. When you go to a designer show you see the models walking down the catwalk and all that kind of stuff, it is their big moment. Like how I would train for a big competition, they are working towards designing clothes to show to hundreds of people. It’s quite exciting for me to watch someone compete in a completely different field.”

“My look this week has been all about tailoring and fit… It’s one of the first fashion weeks I’ve been in the U.K. for all the shows, and it hasn’t conflicted with my training schedule. I like things that are generally quite fitted, quite tailored, things that are more on the smart side. For every time I step out of the house I always think about I can smarten things up… and I do like a tailored trouser, for me having a bit of a crop is one of the things I am liking at the moment.”

“I would love to model for Burberry… There are a lot of brands I absolutely love but Burberry is one of my favourite brands- its a British icon. We (Tom and Lance) wore Burberry to our wedding as well, so that’s probably one of my favourite brands to wear.”

“I styled my husband for the weekend… This week- bless him- he’s had a chest infection, so he hasn’t felt like going to any of them! He only felt a little bit more human yesterday so he came to the Burberry show and came to the GQ dinner last night. So he basically wasn’t best prepared so I was raiding through his wardrobe to put his outfit together for him. We actually share quite a lot of clothes too- it’s the perks of being a gay couple I guess!”

“We celebrated Lance’s birthday this weekend too… We went to dinner and then had a surprise birthday party. We also put together some planter boxes that we got for our carrots which was quite funny. But nothing that interesting, he had a good day and that’s the main thing!”

“Tom Ford was so nice-bless him-at dinner last night… It turns out that Lance and him are good friends from way back when, and it’s funny because the outfit I wore last night was inspired by Tom Ford, so it was quite funny to have him there. I wore a suit with a shirt-unbuttoned so it was quite a Tom Ford look. It was weird to have him standing just there and I was just thinking, ‘oh my god he’s thinking why am I dressing like this!’ But yes he was really, really sweet!”

“My FROW friend was David Furnish… I sat next to him for a couple of the shows and he’s just lovely, he was talking about how he is going to France for the summer. We just had a general catch up chat, it doesn’t tend to be all that much about fashion until after the show, because you never know quite what’s going to happen until the runway starts, and right after you’ll have a little discussion about what you thought. JW Anderson was really so different, like quite gender fluid. I think that was one of the big talking points afterwards, the fact that it wasn’t so strictly men’s fashion.”

“I would love to do my own own swimwear range and show at fashion week… For me having a little bit of creative outlet would be great because diving is so regimented and by the book. When it comes to fashion there is no rulebook, you can kind of go at it and have fun!”

“I’ve been training throughout fashion week… I did two training sessions on Friday and then I went to a show that evening! I did a blog at the weekend as well which is going to go up on YouTube tomorrow – I like being busy, it’s like having the things that distract me from my diving and it helps me to be a better diver. If all I’m thinking about is diving it can be quite overwhelming. So having things outside of it actually helps my performance.”

“The most interesting moment of the week was at Oliver Spencer… There was a guy wearing three hats on top of each other, which I probably wouldn’t say was the highlight of the whole week, but was certainly the most interesting thing that I saw.”


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