Sofi Tukker We Go Backstage With Pops Most EXTRA Band

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by: Josh Newis-Smith
2 Feb 2018

Look ‘extra’ up in the dictionary and this duo should be the definition – as our Fashion and Celebrity Director, Josh Newis-Smith found out.

Sofi Tukker are a New York based duo who have taken one seriously big bite out of one seriously sassy apple. Individually IRL the pair go-by the names of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern but together in public they create music that vibrates with positivity. Hence why Apple used their track, Best Friend as the soundtrack to the IPhone X commercial. Queue an Internet storm which led to the song being streamed 30 million times.

Fresh from their debut appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – which they describe as, “the most nerve wracking moment,” – Sofi Tukker sat down in the slightly less impressive surroundings backstage at Heaven, London. Within an instant they transported me to musical heaven where PMA is a way of life. Here’s what I learnt about the most extra duo in the game right now…

Sofi Tukker’s Instagram strategy sums up their dynamic…

Our interview kicked off with a very healthy and ‘very 2018’ debate over their latest Instagram post, a discussion akin to the daily chat I have with my own pals. “Should we tag x,” and “is this caption funny enough?” are just some of the many key questions passed around.

The resulting caption is, “Tonight we go to heaven and we are alive!” The process quickly alerted me to the fact that neither of them can do anything without the other’s approval or consultation. Beyond cute. I am resisting using the generic hashtag, #FriendshipGoals but they are the personification of it. Sofi Tukker did concede, “Instagram sums up the relationship dynamic!”

LONDON! TONIGHT WE GO TO HEAVEN AND WE ARE ALIVE! 👨🏼‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤 Doors at 7 | @lpgiobbi 715 | @wearetriggrd 8 | SOFI TUKKER 9 ! SOLD OUT ⚡️

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Visuals are V. key…

The centerpiece for any Sofi Tukker performance is a tree that wouldn’t be out of place on The Lion King stage. Fixed with a series of varying tuned drums the tree provides the pulsating beat to tracks such as, Best Friend. So the pair aren’t only gifted musically, they are crafty too…

Tucker concurred, “visuals are so important to us but it was hard at first because we had the music and we didn’t know what our image was. I mean I had brown hair and was a loser when we started” Now he’s a peroxide blonde that burns as brightly as Sofi Tukker’s prospects. Tucker continues, “the first thing we did that was visual was the Drinkee music video which still sets the tone for our visual identity- thank god we didn’t f**k that one up!”

Their original visual intentions were short-lived Sophie states, “we thought we would be an electronic band with dark shadows and smoke machines. But when we started performing we were just smiling all the time. We can’t be cool if we are smiling all the time so we just thought lets just be us!” Now if that isn’t a message for staying in your own lane, I don’t know what is.

Their dance routines could rival Steps…

Co-ordinates dance moves have been the performance back bone of pop music since the dawn of time but this band’s take is much more Shoreditch than Shorty Get Down Low with a series of slightly awkward looking maneuvers. “Tucker is the dance captain,” Sophie exclaims, “Sometimes the song needs a little dance thing, to physically embody the music.”

However you won’t see any slut drops here, Tucker confirms, “it’s not like we are The Pussycat dolls and we are ‘Nicole Sluterging,’ it’s not hard dance moves.” JOY! We can all join in without busting our butt. Watch the below and practice… lets call it the ‘Modern Macarena.’

Sofi Tukker love touring as it makes them feel like the Spice Girls…

So basically the pair are realizing our childhood dream of being part of the Spice Girls driving along in the Spice Bus whilst on a worldwide tour. Jealous much? “We were on a double-decker bus for the first couple of days of this tour and we were screaming, ‘this is just like the Spice Girls,’” Tucker tells me whilst literally tucking into a big bag of popcorn. Just in case you wanted to know, Tucker is a fan girl for Posh. Join. The. Club.

And just like the Spice Girls their music is all about friendship…

If you wanna be their lovers you have got to get with their friends and boy are there a lot of them on the road. When asked how many people they take on tour with them Sophie responds with a healthy, eleven. “We are all friends, its such a fun community of artists too, and what couldn’t be more fun that travelling across Europe with your friends?” Perhaps Mel B and Mel C couldn’t say that…

But do they go wild as their music suggests? “If cuddling is wild, then yes,” Sophie laughs. This band might just be the music equivalent of the Care Bears, given their upbeat well, beats– so it isn’t too niche of a comparison!

Their track Best Friend is a product of this community aspect to the band, “everyone is constantly working on music around us, so we share it and give each other notes,” Sophie continues.

But is friendship the recipe to their success? “There is some really good karma in the track, Best Friend, because it started from celebrating and loving friendship. It was purely for fun and for the sake of friendship and anything starting from that place has a great energy to it,” Sophie applauds.

The pair took the crew along to Jimmy Fallon as well, “it’s so hard when you are working with your best friends sometimes because you want to say ‘look we need to practice,’ but you can’t get them in order,” Tucker shrugs. Even Grammy nominees have issues getting their pals in line, then.

They are no one hit wonders…

The band aren’t letting themselves fall into ‘Amerie of One Thing’ trap by resting on their fledgling success, “we have so much music we are so excited to release with completed music videos. The recent success takes off some pressure to be honest as we are in a better spot than we were six months ago. We have so much to follow,” says the duo who are currently number one in the USA Dance charts.

But what does success mean for them aside from 30 million streams for one single song? “Success to us means to do what we are doing long term to bigger and bigger audiences and spreading the vibe!” You won’t catch them making music for anyone else but their vibe. Respect!

Sofi Tukker encourage each other to look as ridiculous as possible…

Their careers may be riding high but Sophie is having a bit of a clothing crisis backstage, “I am having these moments recently when I need to change everything! I have been dressing exclusively for the road and I am so tired for being in sweatpants.” I have termed tonight’s look as, “’chic pants’ AKA sweat pants that have a little extra zest!

Tucker is quick to remark at this stage that, “she literally text me at 4am in the morning the other night saying. ‘I can’t sleep, I jut need to change my wardrobe!’ I was just like ‘GO TO BED!’” See, I told you that they were the ultimate consultants for one another.

Tuckers fashion flow continues flowing, “everyday we look at each other and think. ‘No!’ But sometimes we hold back because we can be wrong. Sometimes I just say, ‘trust me, I can wear this!’ Its great that we are pushing the envelope and great that we are pushing each other to be even more ridiculous!”

Told you, EXTRA, extra, read all about it… and you will be reading a lot more about this dynamic duo in 2018. So strap yourself in for one seriously sassy soiree.


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