Stand out from the Insta-crowd 5 tips to get that perfect fashion shot

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by: Zoe West
28 Feb 2018

In Partnership with Fujifilm 

Want to know how the pros take photos? Check out these top tips from the first InStyle and Fujifilm photography workshop… 

Admit it – you’ve spent too many hours poring over social media, trying to work out how to capture those sartorial images that get you noticed! 

You’ve gone out, chosen the super-hot pieces guaranteed to set pulses racing, carefully arranged them, only to find the result still isn’t what you’re looking for.

There’s got be an easier way, right?

We think so. That’s why we teamed up with Fujifilm photographer, Jamie Stoker, to run a hands-on workshop for fashion lovers and influencers. The event took place on 6th February at the Over The Road Studio in Shoreditch, and these were his top tips for picture perfection. 

Nail flat lays

Showcasing fashion with a classic flat lay image is a great way to tell a story. Start with a straight-on overhead shot. If you can’t get up high enough, use a chair or tripod to get some extra height. Then mix it up with a few close-ups for detail, and a focus on the individual items.

As every photographer knows, lighting can make or break an image. Set up your image on the floor or table near a window, and take your photos over the course of a day. Use direct sunlight for strong shadows and indirect light to softly illuminate the scene.

Strike a pose

When you’re shooting models, try to settle into a rhythm, allowing them to alter their pose slightly each time they hear the shutter – click-pose-click. Hopefully you can both find a tempo and achieve a great range of shots to choose from. 

It’s also a good idea to get a blend of compositions: close-up headshots, half-length, three-quarter body shots and of course full length. This should keep it interesting.

To vary your portraits, have your model look off camera – not every shot has to be face-on.

Shoot street style

It’s not always easy to capture a subject on the move, but get it right and that’s where the magic happens. 

Start by setting your camera’s focus mode to constant or continuous, to focus and track your subject. Combine this with a burst fire drive setting, so your camera takes multiple shots each time you click. You’ll capture those peacocking street stars in no time.

Up your Insta-game

If you’re serious about nailing those sassy snaps, consider your tools.

Using a camera like the Fujifilm X-E3 rather than a Smartphone means better quality images. So, if you do need to crop them, it won’t be an issue. You can also share your images straight to your blog or social media feed through the camera’s Bluetooth connectivity. Let the likes roll in… 


Finally, find a style you’re passionate about – the one great thing that should unleash your creativity and give you the impetus to keep going.

Look at photographs and paintings you love, even movies. Try to work out what it is you love about them – do they have a particular mood or colour palette? Are the subjects or scenes natural, or set-up and constructed?

Have a think about this before you start shooting and it should guide you towards making images you love. The technicalities can be learnt as you go along, but the direction of your images is something you have to decide for yourself.



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