Stefanie Martini On FKA Twigs, Fake Tan & Festival Hula Hooping

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‘I was a total goth at school,’ admits Brit actress Stefanie Martini, who also happens to be owner of the most Bond girl name ever. If you didn’t see this Kate-Winslet-meets-Romola-Garai beauty wearing twee Gucci-esque knitwear in the 60s Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour, you may have noticed her donning a corset in Julian Fellowes’ 
latest period drama Doctor Thorne (it’s the new Downton Abbey,  dontcha know), so she’s not exactly your standard Marilyn Manson fan. Catching up en route to Budapest to film Emerald City, (Wicked fans take note), we talk FKA twigs, fake tan and festival hula hooping…

You’ve done the 60s and Victoriana for TV, what’s your beauty vibe when you’re just you?

‘I love experimenting with colour. I used to work on the shop floor in Harvey Nichols so I’d try a different lipstick every day. One minute I’d wear black, the next, it would be bright purple. At the moment I’m obsessed with MAC’s Morange lipstick. Today’s looks were awesome, really bright and poppy. The green banana line and the white eye make-up were cool, although maybe a little extreme to wear day to day!’

Sounds like you’ve got your make-up down…

‘Oh I’ve definitely had disasters. The first time I tried self-tanning, 
I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was standing in the bath and accidentally turned the shower on so I ended up with water lines down my legs. I had to paint in the gaps with foundation, it was the worst.’

Any celeb beauty inspo?

‘Scarlett Johansson is just stunning, she’s the closest thing to old Hollywood we’ve had since Marilyn Monroe. I love FKA twigs as well. She does whatever she wants and enjoys it. I’m all for trying new looks, but I’m not sure I could pull off kiss curls quite as well as her!’

What about your Victorian locks for Doctor Thorne?

‘It was a strong centre parting, sort of like Victorian 90s curtains, which is definitely an interesting look to pull off. The poor hair team had a tough time with me because my hair is kind of like a cloud. It took ages to put all the curls in my hair for rehearsals and then because it’s so fine, 
it would just drop out and they’d have to redo it all again for filming.’

It’s fair to say you’re landing pretty awesome roles right now…

‘I still lose my shit though. When I got the call about Doctor Thorne, 
I absolutely lost it – I was screaming and jumping around, so yeah, 
it definitely hasn’t worn off. I don’t think it ever will.’

We heard that you’re pretty into baking and hula hooping?!

‘My friend went to South America where she met some people from the circus, so when she came back she taught me how to hula hoop. That’s what happens when you live in the West Country and there’s nothing else to do! And I love baking.

I haven’t actually watched The Great British Bake Off, but my signature bake are these cookies that I can make without a recipe, and I made a rainbow layer cake for my friend’s birthday, which was actually really therapeutic. Basically whenever someone’s desperate for baked goods, I’m like, “I’m on it!”’

And you’re a bit of a festival girl?  

‘I went to Outlook in Croatia a few years ago, which was amazing. I was on a beach jumping off cliffs into the sea. The best thing about festivals is it doesn’t matter if you look like an absolute crazy person. I can’t be dealing with people who bring hair straighteners and a full make-up bag. Give me glitter and wet wipes and I’m good.’


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