Stop Everything: Pat McGrath Says Blue Eyeshadow Is Back

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Dust down your blending brushes: blue is back. Or, rather, blue is still around in a big way because, let’s face it, since first emerging as THE choice colour of the trend-conscious thanks to that Eurovision appearance by ABBA’s Agnetha at Eurovision back in 1974, it’s never really gone away.


A brief rundown of notable blue eyeshadow moments through history: Bowie in his Life on Mars video; Endora from Bewitched, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, and Jessica Rabbit, who proved that blue eyeshadow can be bold, bright AND sexy as in one. 


Its latest reincarnation is the work of Pat McGrath, with the visionary make-up artist rendering the hue fresh and modern by painting a graphic whack of deep cerulean all over the eyelids of models backstage at Anna Sui’s NYFW show. To get the look and avoid the whole ABBA throwback thing, do this:



Go bold. 

Blue is a statement. Commit. The new blue must be unabashed. The new blue must not be a shy whisper of colour north of lashes. The new blue is present. Own it.


… But make it the only exciting thing on your face. 


Bright blue with red lips only works on a Hadid. In real life, you want to par back the rest of your make-up so as not to compete with the colour. A dash of foundation + a lick of mascara + a lot of blue = done.


Don’t pay attention to traditional rules. 


Discard all the baloney you’ve heard about who can and can’t go blue. Blue eyeshadow on blue eyes? YES. Blue eyeshadow if you’re pale as can be? You go for it. 


Add glitter.


Want to take things a step further? Glitter is the way. Crucially, this glitter must be the exact same shade as your blue, or see-through so that it doesn't affect the colour. Press it onto the centre of your lid for a flirty glimmer as you blink. 

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