Suki Waterhouse And Poppy Jamie On How To Start ABusiness On Instagram

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by: Chloe Mac Donnell
2 Jun 2017

Best friends turned business partners, Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse spill on creating their accessories brand Pop & Suki…

How did you become BFF’s?

Suki: I saw Poppy in an LA nightclub and was like I have to get her number.
Poppy: I was mesmerized by Suki’s dance moves. We started chatting and she invited me to a Thanksgiving lunch she was hosting the next day.
Suki: Poppy turned up literally looking like Bridget Jones. She was holding a plant that touched the ceiling and was wearing a tartan dress with a huge bow.
Poppy: After that we became each other’s sanity. We would go hiking for hours and just chat.

So how did you go from that to business partners?

Suki: We ended up living together in different hotels for months on end. We lived at the Chateau Marmont together for a month. Dressing up and getting ready was a huge part of us living together. We were always very honest with each other. We had different styles but they were under the same umbrella, a classic 60s thing that we both loved.
Poppy: Our brand came about because we couldn’t understand why there weren’t certain pieces available that were good both quality and affordable.
Suki: When leaving the house I’d always end up carrying my extra shoes or laptop in a plastic bag.
Poppy: So with our entrepreneurial hats on we thought what is facing the millennial type of woman? And the answer was we’re time poor. We have so much shit to do. We’re supposed to do well at work, be a great friend, have a boyfriend so we wanted to create a collection to fit with those things.
Suki: It’s all about being practical. So with our bags you get a thin strap to wear it as crossbody but you can also get a short one to make it handheld or worn as backpack. You can choose the strap colours and personalize it with your name.

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What was the first step you took in turning it from an idea into an actual brand?

Poppy: Once we had the idea we bought the domain name. Then set up our Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts. We kept our Insta private while we built up a bank of images. Then set it public. Our users are very engaged.
Suki: Our Instagram @popandsuki is like our shop window.
Poppy: We spend hours co-ordinating it. We will Whatsapp images and narrow down 200 options to just one.
Suki: It’s really cool doing a brand in a digital age. We can get to know our customers and talk to them directly. We have control over every aspect. It’s not about customers anymore. It’s about supporters. Before it was brand telling consumers what they want. Now it’s a dialogue.
Poppy: That’s why we want to make our website a fun destination like a club that showcases both our interests. Fashion can often be individual but we wanted to encourage friendships. Hence the jewellery and charms.

@caradelevingne, @marycharteris and @georgiamayjagger representing at the Pop & Suki Diner

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How is it actually working together rather than just hanging out?

Poppy: We’ve discovered that we’re both better at some aspects of the business than others.
Suki: Poppy is a great people person. She can persuade anyone to do anything. She’s like a really unslutty hustler.
Poppy: And Suki is basically the barometer of cool.
Suki: I was quite nervous when we pitched it to investors. It’s not me being hired as a model or an actress. It’s our vision so I was vulnerable about it. All my managers told me not to do it. They just want you to do stuff that they get money from. So that’s what I love about it. It’s our creation.

Check out Pop & Suki’s spring summer 17 video campaign…

Three things we’re loving from Pop & Suki’s latest collection…

1. The Super Sassy Bridal Bags

Way sassier than a basic clutch bag we love Pop & Suki’s camera bags which can be customized and personalised with bridal initials, a specific date or even the name of all of bridesmaids. They also come in white, lilac and even something blue!

2. The Make-Up Cases

Roomy enough to fit more than just our lippy and concealer we will be taking these make-up cases with us all summer long – from summer get-aways to festivals. Plus customising them with our own choice of emojis means no mix-ups with friends at check-in.

3. The Larger Camera Bags

Versatile and practical but still super stylish we love that the brand’s super successful camera bag now comes in a slightly bigger size too. Alongside being able to wear it as a backpack, shoulder, bum-bag as well as a clutch, it also features a cute scalloped shaped strap.


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