Suki Waterhouse New Burberry ad is an absolute Steam-Fest

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Suki Waterhouse is the ultimate babe in Burberry's new Kisses lipstick campaign

Suki Waterhouse was thrown in many wonderful campaign but this has to be one of its hottest yet.

The 23-year-old model and muse Burberry has been cast in the latest ads for luxury brand for its collection lipstick kisses, which sees her wearing a sexy red lip, a scarf control wealth and well, very little else, as he puts up a storm for the camera. However, she is not alone.

In a series of shots that are set to make his Hollywood hunk of a BF Bradley Cooper envy, Suki can be seen cuddling (and puckering) up to a handsome that too seems to be less a shirt. Just as we like, then!

The man in question is none other than up-and-coming musician Brit George Le Page, who seems quite happy to be up close and personal with the normal catwalk. Can you really blame him?

Burberry's lipstick range features LOTS of on-trend hues...

new range of lipstick Burberry is set to be one of its largest cosmetics launches to date and, whatever your preference, you can create a light effect or polished pout full-on depending on how many layers is applied. Clever, eh? We pass on Rosy Red ; the same shade seen on Suki.

Now, as for that lovely scarf man and designers …


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