Surprise! 3 things We Did NOT Expect To See Backstage At Paris Fashion Week SS16

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Models on the Rick Owens Catwalk At Paris Fashion Week SS16

The backstage areas at New York, London and Milan have been fairly atypical (well as atypical as fashion week madness can be); 7 foot models, hoards of hairdryers, vats of Vita Coco lying around.  Nope nothing out of the ordinary.  Until Paris, the city of Light.   

Just as an aside… Do you know why Paris is called the city of light?  In the 18th century Paris was thought of as the centre of ‘enlightenment’ ie. Philosophers, artists and general think-out-of-the-box-ers all flocked here from all over the world to join the growing cultural scene.  It also was the first European cities to adopt gas street lights, hence so much of said culture scene happened after dark.

Back to fashion week…

The Rick Owens show also began just after dark but a couple of hours earlier on exploring the backstage area we discovered some surprising faces that we weren’t used to seeing behind the scenes.  Firstly not all of the models were models.  Half of the ‘cast’ walking down the runway were dancers, singers and acrobats, limbering up ready to literally carry eachother down the runway.

Masterminding the makeup was Sammy Mourabit – not your average MAC cosmetics make-up artist.  A source told us that this was Mourabit’s first Paris Fashion week show ever – jeeze what a debut! Ordinarily you would find him doing make-up for the Cirque du Soleil or working on experimental shoots with Lady Gaga – a perfect fit then for the spectacle that followed. 

Models on the Rick Owens Catwalk At Paris Fashion Week SS16

Now we’ve seen dogs on the catwalk before (the amazing husky’s at Moncler several seasons ago).  Imagine our surprise when we saw a real live horse at Jacquemus earlier this week. 

The beautiful white horse (we assume PETA had a field trip…) was lead onto the catwalk by the designer himself, all dressed in white.  Our money’s on elephants next season.

A horse on the catwalk at Jacquemus, Paris Fashion Week SS16

The backstage beauty team at any given show usually comprises of about 20 hairdressers, 15 make-up artists and 5 manicurists. This season at the cultural explosion that is Manish Arora, there was an extra beauty team persona on site. 

Brought on board by MAC’s lead nail artist Marian Newman, Pavan Ahluwalia, who is the world’s fastest (Guinness Book of Records approved) Henna artist, was on hand to ornament models’ hands and wrists.  The metallic henna complimented Marian’s jewel encrusted and 3D molten nails – for which she used a silver nail polish with MAC metallic pigment pressed on top, sealed with the MAC Overlacquer Topcoat

Models with Henna tattos backstage at Manish Arora SS16 at Paris Fashion Week

What wonders lie in store for us tomorrow?? #Excited.


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