The 7 Totally Covetable Men's Beauty Products We'll Be Stealing For Ourselves

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We'll be nicking Mel's nose strip and razor please...

The Concealer

Yup, we're not kidding. Tom Ford's Concealer For Men, £32, is an official male grooming game changer. The first out and out makeup product for men, only the infinitely cool Tom Ford could have got away with making men wear concealer. That, and the fact that the campaign is uber manly, helped to transform our perceptions of what men should be wearing on their face. We're feeling this could be a new addition to our Tom Ford beauty stash, who cares if it's for men?

The Shaving Cream

Ok, we get that this is probably intended for men to use after their daily shave, but we've decided our legs need a little Aesop pampering as well. Perfect for moisturising just shaved pins, the Neroli (orange blossom to you and me) and botanical oils in their shave lotion, £33 help soothe skin. So you can finally kiss shaving rash goodbye! And let's face it, the more amazing Aesop packaging we can fit in our bathroom cupboard, the better. He won't appreciate it anyway…

The Face Wash

For some unknown reason men's products always seem to have charcoal in. Probably because it's black and makes face wash seem manly and rugged rather than an essential step to flawless skin, but either way, we want in. Clinique's Charcoal Face Wash, £18 draws out dirt and oil from pores to leave skin refreshed and blemish free without faffing about. Because our skin needs tough love too you know.

The Cologne

Byredo's legendary scent, we would happily spritz ourselves with Gypsy Water, £185 every day of the week. Ok technically it's a cologne, but the spicy notes of pepper and juniper meets rich vanilla and amber give this addictive perfume serious female vibes. At least where we're concerned anyway. FYI if you're boyfriend has this next to the sink, he's clearly super cool and a little minted. A good sign, non?

The Eye Patches

By this point we're probably starting to realise that products for men are just fine for women as well. But we're also pretty sure that our other halves are a lot more likely to wear a face mask if it says the word 'man' on. Enter Recipe For Men's Under Eye Patches, £18. Chock full of aqua collagen, they're super hydrating and de-puffing. Those eye bags? Gone. We can't imagine a better way to spend our time than joint couples' eye masks. Just us?

The Wrinkle Cream

So men want to get rid of their wrinkles too, who knew? Clarins' Men's Line-Control Cream, £41 smooths deep wrinkles and tightens skin with Chinese Galanga whilst blocking skin-damaging pollutants at the same time. Nice. So next time you're doing the walk of shame, make sure your skin (if nothing else) looks amazing by nicking his pot. The best part? It'll give you a fool proof excuse to pay him another visit.

The Bronzer

Bronzer for men – it's soooooo 2015 dahling. If this you find this in your BTJAF's (that's Boy That's Just A Fried) bathroom cupboard you know for sure that he's 100% comfortable with his masculinity. Perfect for an instant bronze hit, swipe Tom Ford's Bronzing Gel For Men, £35 across the top of your forehead and on your cheekbones for super quick contouring.




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