The best applications of beauty that will change your life forever

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Coco can't get enough of her beauty apps...

The Appointment At-Home – Ruuby

Established for 26 years Venetia Archer and sustained by the contractor to finish all entrepreneurs Richard Branson, Ruuby is the appointment beauty app that makes getting a last-minute hands totally easy. Think of it as a goalkeeper on the phone that takes care of all your beauty needs. Choose your treatment (all waxes and blowdrys massages and lead) and Ruuby provide a target key or beauty pro too book in an instant. You can even get them to come to you. Spray tans from the comfort of our living rooms, without being put on hold? Yes thanks!

app cost? ! free

The Game Changer Shop from home – L’Oreal makeup Genius

There We can tell you how many times we have smeared some foundation on the back of our hands, thinking that is the perfect game just to go home, actually put on our face and look more like an Oompa Loompa of red carpet ready. So what if you could try the trick on home before you’ve even spent a dime? Enter L’Oreal makeup Genius. Using the phone’s camera can be applied infinite beauty looks different in real time and decide if that new purple eyeshadow suits you, or simply not that. Without splashing the cash. Confidence, this is the app more engaging that we have found so far. If you get bored of watching his face too, you might want to avoid this.

app cost? ! free

The App Subscription – CitySwish

So here’s the deal. You download the app. You purchase one of their packages monthly subscription awesome (our favorite is the twice a week a turn). You book treatments at any time someone comes to the house / office / hotel / middle of nowhere, if you are cute enough, within an hour to provide the treatment. the best thing? Well, in addition to having your hair done at a desk in an hour, you save a whole load of money. Thank you after …

app cost? ! free

The Boosters beauty – Sleep Cycle and iDrated

Beauty It’s not just what you put on your face, it comes to taking care of your body too. With this in mind, the sleep cycle is officially our new best friend. By monitoring your sleep, the application the alarm clock rings in the morning during the lighter sleep means you naturally wake up feeling refreshed rather than completely horrified. Now that we can get on board with. This, and our phone tells you when to drink more water. Well, when you want incredible skin, you must hydrate, or in this case, Idrate.

app cost? Both £ 0.79

The Hands App Speedy – OPI Nail Studio

Similar to the app to make up L’Oreal, but for nails, this is how you decide your next shadow nail in the taxi on the way to your hands at the last minute. No longer gaffing with rows and rows of rainbow-colored nail polish, this awesome application shows how paints will look really OPI nails. Adjust the skin tone and length of the nails and check their latest collections, before you even get to the salon.

app cost? free!


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