The Best Food Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

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by: Hannah Rochell
28 Mar 2018

We’ve rounded up the people making our mouths water with their tasty food pics on Instagram. Oh, and we’ve also given you a handy quiz to find out whether or not you’re a food hipster, too! You’re welcome…

Admit it – you follow just as many foodies as fashion bloggers on Instagram. You’re far more likely to like a picture of some macaroons than of a new handbag. And you’re definitely guilty of re-arranging your dinner table to style up a meal you’re proud of before you take a snap of it – in fact, Zizzi’s have found that 25% of diners have taken up to six pictures of their meal, with 10% of people even saying it makes their food taste better. So who are the best people in the UK to follow on Instagram if you’re a fan of food? Here are our favourites.

Elly Pear: @ellypear

Cookbook writer and restaurant owner will snag your attention with her unfussy good-for-you food and recipe ideas. Just try not to be tempted to book a trip to Bristol specifically to visit her Pear Cafe to try one of the daily frittatas or one of her famous brownies. Oh, and her brilliant second book Let’s Eat is out and we can’t wait to read it! 

Gizzi Erskine: @gizzierskine

British food writer and TV personality Gizzi gets top marks for her beehive as well as her love of pork crackling and roasts galore. You’ll get loads of inspiration for delectable dishes to cook for yourself, but her whimsical personal style and personality are what will keep you (and her other 150k followers) coming back to her feed. Her latest cook book – Season’s Eatings – your go-to guide to holiday cooking is out now.

Rosie Birkett: @rosiefoodie

Rosie’s perfectly curated Instagram feed is just so darn satisfying to look at – and not just because of the delicious food. The cookbook author posts a mix of food and lifestyle content, managing to make each and every dish and decor shot look like a colourful bohemian dream. In addition to her debut book – A Lot On Her Plate she also has a YouTube channel with recipe ideas.

Hemsley and Hemsley: @hemsleyhemsley

Sister duo Jasmine and Melissa are authors of the book The Art Of Eating Well, creators of their own spiralizer (that’s machine that makes vegetables into low-cal pasta) and the proud founders of the Hemsley cafe in Selfridges. The healthy home cooking featured on their account is sure to give you serious cravings, plus, these sisters are super inspiring all-round babes. 

Frances Quinn: @frances_quinn

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the account for you. The winner of The Great British Bake Off lends her sense of humour to her baking, and posts DIY projects and recipes for all things dessert. Head here for amazing rustic wedding cakes, biscuit glasses and, our personal favourite, a massive Club biscuit made for Bombay Bicycle Club (served with Bombay mix #sweetandsavory).

Jackson and Levine: @jacksonandlevine

When they’re not busy being TV and radio presenters, multi-talented Laura Jackson and Alice Levine run a supper club and, well, just generally enjoy eating. Their account is a lifestyle destination, filled with everything you’d need to host a dinner party of your very own; complete with swoon worthy decor, chic floral dresses, and catering tips and recipes to help you be a star hostess. 

Rocket and Squash: @rocketandsquash

You won’t catch pastels here – this is food blogging with a masculine twist. Edward Smith heads up this sumptuous food blog – and he’s not only a writer, but an illustrator (check out his beautiful food doodles) and cookbook author of On The Side. All of his Insta pics are a work of art (even the ones he didn’t draw) – filled with hearty home cooking, British classics, and fresh local produce.

Martin Nordin: @martin_nordin

This Swede’s Insta-fodder is all about gorgeously presented food, but it’s basically all PROPER GRUB! We’re talking ‘5hr onion soup with butter fried baguette and melted Gruyere…? Err, YES PLEASE! The surprise is his filling and flavourful creations are mostly vegetarian! (And he’s not even a chef – he works for IKEA!)

Girls Who Eat: @girlswhoeat

We’ve shown you accounts to follow for chefs, healthy recipes, and desserts but let’s be honest: there’s more to food than just preparing it. What about two girls who just really enjoy eating? That’s what you’ll get with GirlsWhoEat, an American food blogging duo that exclusively posts the food they eat out. Now that one of the two is based in London, this is your new bible for all the restaurant recs you could want in the big city. Plus, (because they’re American) you can pretty much count on this being the place to drool over all your ooey gooey cheesy chocolaty guilty pleasure food. 

QUIZ TIME! How hipster is your dinner?

Question 1

You’ve been put in charge of booking a meal for your friend’s birthday. Do you…

a) Go to a bar and get as drunk as possible. You’ll get some chips at the end of the night if the birthday girl is hungry.

b) Book a table at the local gastropub. Apparently the waiters wear T-shirts and they do those sharing planks. Food on wood? Brilliant!

c) Feel smug that you don’t need to book, because you’ll be heading to the latest food-market pop-up in a derelict multi-story car park.

Question 2

What’s your favourite cocktail?

a) Does cider and black count?

b) You literally drink nothing but Aperol spritz.

c) You’d much rather have a glass of English sparkling wine thesedays, TBH.

Question 3

You’ve been asked to bring a dessert to a dinner party. You…

a) Forget, so you buy something from Iceland on the way. If it’s good enough for Peter Andre, it’s good enough for you.

b) Wheel out the tried and tested Tiramisu recipe. If it ain’t broke…

c) Just so happen to have six glass jars (exactly the number of people going to the party) that you can make lemon posset in, plus some dried lavender to garnish. Picture perfect.

Question 4

It’s Sunday morning. You…

a) Wake up at 11am with a hangover, then rush to the local caff for a bacon butty and don’t own up to anyone that it ever happened.

b) Make a cracking fry-up and put a hastily taken picture of it on Facebook.

c) Roast some mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and goat’s cheese, serve it with a poached egg on vintage crockery (artfully arranging the entire table, obvs) before taking your Instagram snap #brunch


Mostly As: Food’s not really a priority for you, is it?

Mostly Bs: A+ for effort, but you’re about a decade behind, darling.

Mostly Cs: Congrats! You’re a food hipster!

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