The Colour-Depositing Conditioners That Mean You Can Skip Your Next Hair Appointment

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28 Dec 2017
by: Madeleine Spencer

Freshly-coloured hair quite literally looks brilliant. Shiny, healthy, and glossy, having colour done is a fast route to feeling groomed. But it doesn’t last that long; if tinted, the lustre will start to fade after 5-10 washes, while even permanent colours lose some shine after a month or so. Adding in the daily damage of heat styling, UV rays, and brushing will all make hair more porous and therefore less likely to hang onto colour, meaning more frequent trips to the hairdresser.

The life of a dye job can, however, be extended with relatively little effort, by switching in a colour-depositing conditioner weekly. They work similarly to a blue rinse, depositing little pigments in the hair that can either enhance colour or counteract tones like brassiness or flatness. They’re all designed to work differently, but as a rule you want to switch one in place of your conditioner, leaving it to do the job of depositing colour for between 10-15 minutes. 

Keen to try one? Here’s our definitive guide of all the best colour-depositing conditioners out there… 


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