The Cool Girl's Guide To V-Day

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by: Chloe Mac Donnell
7 Feb 2018

She’s the blogger, turned musician who the street style paps can’t get enough of. A quick scroll through Patrica Manfield’s Instagram and you can see why they and her +300K followers dig her style. From strolling around Paris in those Balenciaga thigh-high boots to hanging in London rocking double denim or strutting around Cannes in head-to-toe Dior, this Milanese 20-something year old makes it all look totally effortless. So who better to front the latest campaign from & Other Stories just in time for Valentine’s Day? Teaming up with her best friend and manager Renata Di Pace, the duo were shot hanging out at the Le Meurice hotel in Paris whilst repping the collection. From silky PJs to fun pom-pom slippers, the collection is a refreshing take on V-Day dressing and said to ‘capture the mood and mystery of a Parisian boudoir.’ Here Patrica talks dating, gifts and how to buy lingerie girls will actually like…



What’s the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever been given? And what’s the worst?

A heart shaped box with all my favourite food, magazines, books, DVDs etc. The worst must’ve been a flower bouquet, only because it was too predictable and impersonal.

What’s the best you’ve ever given someone?

A trip abroad.

Best V-Day date?

Anything that takes off the ‘’date-pressure’’ is the perfect date for me. Something spontaneous, active, a good concert … something that allows you to feel the other person’s vibes better.

Have you ever faked a message from a friend to get out of a bad date?

I fake messages from Renata to get out of a lot of things, not just dates! Worst date I’ve been on was simply just boring. Awkward silent moments are the worst in a date.

Valentine’s Day cards – DIY or store?

They’re a big NAY for me. Attach a song plus the lyrics instead.

What’s your suggestion for V-Day plans if you’ve only recently started seeing each other?

I would go for a glass of wine, nice home cooked dinner at home, candles and some good music, just to ‘’get away from dinner reservations.’’

What about if you’re single?

Renata and I are both single and would definitely make it a fun night out!

What are your sleepover essentials?

There us nothing better than a sleepover in an amazing hotel. Working on this shoot with & Other Stories at the Le Meurice hotel in Paris was so fun & got to hang out with my business partner/best friend. All you need are the perfect PJ’s, a facemask and a good series to binge on.

What are the dos/don’ts for guys when shopping for lingerie so it’s something that a girl will actually like?

Go with silk, it’s soft and that says a lot about a man. Don’t choose anything too extreme, always go in-between so you show the girl she doesn’t need much to be sexy. The white silky robe and matching jumpsuit from the & Other Stories collection is exactly this, it’s sexy without being over the top.

Shop our favourite pieces from the capsule collection below from the 8th of February and check out the full collection here

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